Ellie and Mac 2022 Year in Review

Ellie and Mac 2022 Year in Review

Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns 2022 Year in Review

The year 2022 is coming to a close, and it has been another great one, thanks to all of you! Thanks for supporting Ellie and Mac by buying our patterns, hanging out with us on social media, showing us all your fantastic makes, and sharing the kind words you’ve shared. We hope you’ve enjoyed our growing catalog of patterns.

This Year

It’s been a busy year here at Ellie and Mac. Our designer team has expanded, and we’ve been able to dream up, draft, test, and release twenty new patterns and update one. I know twenty patterns seem like a lot for one person, but the truth is I have so much help that makes Ellie and Mac Patterns great.

Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns core admin and customer service team

Truly, the quantity and quality of patterns released this year have only been possible due to our fabulous testers, moderators, and my amazing core team: 

Manda, Chief Executive Officer, and Pattern Designer.

Lakeisha, Pattern Writer & Photographer

Diana, Influencer/ Videographer

Felicia, Team Manager

Marieke, Pattern Designer

Yvonne, Customer Service Representative

Sarah, Customer Service Representative/Admin Assistant

Mariza, Customer Service Representative

Ashley, Testing Manager

Jessica, Social Media Manager

Jen Defosse, Weekly Sale Coordinator

Nyeca, Videographer/Customer Service

The list above includes so much sewing talent, intelligence, inspiration, and kindness. I couldn’t do it all without them!

Looking Back 

I've thoroughly enjoyed all the pattern drafting training I've done and the experience I've gained through making and delivering over 200 patterns now, including clothing for kids, adults, and even pets, as well as patterns for home decor, crafting, and bags. But I started small with a smaller dream…

As I look back on my progress, I see so much growth from when I first started drafting patterns. I started my pattern-designing journey in 2012 with kids' patterns, and my company was then called Little 4 A While. I was an inexperienced designer, but I studied with all I had to improve my drafting skills. 

In 2017, I had enough training and understanding of sewing pattern design and drafting to expand my business and started offering patterns for adults as well. 

In 2018, Diana joined me as a videographer and the first steps were made with offering occasional sew-a-long pattern video’s. She is an amazing videographer who shows every step of the sewing process while being great company.

In 2019, Lakeisha started writing the pattern instructions. She is very detail-oriented and can write out the instructions so well that beginner sewists have no problem following along. 

In 2021, I hired a new designer, Marieke, to help make Ellie and Mac Patterns even better. She has done a fabulous job and really has a thorough understanding of pattern design. 

This year, Manda (who has helped propel E&M in so many ways) has joined our designer group and has helped create new beautiful, and fun craft patterns. 

Each pattern we complete is a team effort, and I’m happy to have found such great people to join me.

Our PDF Patterns

Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns top PDF patterns

Sewing Patterns could just include drafted lines and basic instructions. But I believe they can be so much more, which is what we try to deliver with each and every pattern. 

If we can supply not only a great pattern but also detailed instructions, extensive testing on every size, an inclusive size chart, a video sew-along, and all the support we can muster each time, I believe every sewist can enjoy the sewing process and make beautiful creations they are wholly proud of. 

Thanks to those of you who have learned and grown with me over these past ten years, and welcome to those of you who have more recently joined us. 

2022 Clothes Sewing Patterns

Earlier I mentioned that we released twenty new patterns, but not all of those were clothes patterns. Some were craft patterns which you can read about a bit later.

Here are all the doll and human garment sewing patterns we released this year:

Curvy Fit Sewing Patterns

  • Adult High Waist Pleated Skirt Pattern
  • The Established Cascading Blazer Jacket Pattern
  • The Elevated Blazer Jacket Pattern
  • Endurance Color Block Leggings Pattern
  • Relaxed Raglan Romper & Dress Pattern
  • Wave Rider Rash Guard Set & Swimsuit Pattern
  • Adult Be Essential Dolman Dress 
  • Heart and Soul Twist Dress & Top Pattern
  • Magical Twirl Dress & Two Piece Pattern

  • Straight Fit Sewing Patterns

    Kids Sewing Patterns 

    18” Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns 

    It was so fun creating all these patterns. After seeing all of your clothing makes, I know we made patterns that will allow you to make modern clothes patterns that look fabulous! 

    The doll patterns were a blast since they are just cute mini copies of the kid’s patterns with the same looks. Of course, they were re-drafted to fit 18” dolls, and not tiny humans. But nonetheless, adorable and it was amazing to see the drafting come to life.

    Sewing Skills

    We realize that while sometimes you might want a quick and easy sew, other times you may want a pattern that challenges you and helps you grow as a sewist. We also know that everyone is at a different skill level. 

    For that reason we tried to design patterns throughout the year that required different levels of sewing abilities. Although all our patterns could technically be tackled by even a beginner sewist due to the detailed instructions and sewing video. Some patterns have more advanced sewing techniques than others. 

    For example, the Elevated Blazer Jacket includes a lining, darts, and pockets. Also, the High Waisted Pleated Skirt, Waverider Rash Guard Swimsuit, and the Arctic Pullover Sweater Pattern all include zipper options.

    If you follow along with the instructions and/or videos, we hope that you can master more sewing techniques and ultimately become a better sewist through using Ellie and Mac Patterns!

    Craft and Bag Patterns

    We are excited that we will now be able to offer you more patterns for home decor, crafts, doll clothes, bags, and more. 

    In 2022, we brought you the Pack Your Backpack Pattern which was a hit from the start. Perhaps you weren’t expecting a cute backpack pattern from us? We drafted it in a small, medium, and large size so that you could get one affordable pattern and use it again and again for all the mini backpacks, purse backpacks, school backpacks, and traveling bags you need in the future. 

    We also came out with the Day-to-Day Duffle Bag Pattern and made it in three sizes as well to cover your overnight trips, sports bags, and vacation luggage needs. 

    In November, we released the Charming Plush Gnome Pattern with all the cutest Gonk accessories like beards, braids, suspenders, aprons, dangling legs…it has all the fun extras.

    And last, but not least, we delivered the 10 Minute Gift Bag pattern. We wanted to make sure you had all the sizes you would ever need in a reusable bag pattern to wrap holiday and birthday presents for years to come.

    We have a new pattern in this category in testing right now that  may help you with your new year's resolutions...

    That’s a bunch of craft and bag patterns! But, don’t worry, we will still be releasing all the best modern and trendy clothes sewing patterns. There are currently three clothing patterns in testing that we think you will love.

    2022 Social Media Milestones

    2022 has brought us some big milestones on social media: 

    We appreciate each and everyone one of you who participates on these platforms with us. It’s a joy to interact with you all and see your comments to us, interactions to help each other, your creativity, and your growing sewing abilities. 


    Ellie and Mac Best Independent Sewing Pattern Brand by the British Sewing Awards

    Ellie and Mac was awarded Highly Commended for Best Independent Pattern Brand by the British Sewing Awards for the second year in a row. I am so honored that we were recognized out of so many amazing indie designers.

    2023 Goals

    I wake up every morning excited to dive into work. Excited to make something new. Excited each time I complete a pattern, and to make it a little bit better than the last. I know that if I’m not growing I’m not learning. I hope that shows as you open each new pattern you purchase from Ellie and Mac. 

    That’s my perspective, but you all are so important to me as well. And I truly want to create patterns that you enthusiastically double click every time.

    That’s why I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions about…everything. What do you think we are doing right, doing well? And what do you think we could do better? How can Ellie and Mac improve?

    From the photos on the website, to the details that we add to the listing, to our emails and social media that help inform and hopefully excite you about all the possibilities. To the actual styles, patterns, details, instructions, videos, and more. I’d love to hear what you think.

    If you have a minute, would you mind filling out this quick questionnaire about Ellie and Mac? I’ve included a section where you can add your pattern ideas that you’d like us to make as well. Click HERE to fill that out. 

    If you’ve made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read it all. You officially have the gold Ellie and Mac Fan Badge! And here’s to a fantastic year 2023. Can’t wait to connect with you via my website, email, and social media!

    PDF Sewing Patterns

    Download your pattern immediately after your order.