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About Ellie and Mac

My greatest wish for you, is to dream big, create fearlessly and go after the things that bring you and those around you joy!

I found my love of designing and sewing when I had my first daughter, Aubrey.  I wanted her to wear the cute, boutique style clothing I had found online but I couldn't afford it.  I decided to ask for a sewing machine for Christmas and proceeded to teach myself to sew.

Along the way, I realized that I had something special when it came to putting fabrics together and I loved the adorable creations I was making.  

I began selling clothing online with the encouragement of family and friends.  I learned new and better ways to make them each day and continued to grow my business.  Once my clothing business became very successful, ten years later, I wanted to give back.  I decided that a great way would be to offer sewing patterns for things I sold in my boutique for those who couldn't afford them, but would still love their children to be able to wear it.  To me, this was giving back to where it all began for me.  

From there I was hooked. Designing sewing patterns was so fun and I found that the more I worked at learning how to draft patterns, the better I became at it.  I have been designing patterns for over six years now.  For now, there is nothing I love more.  

I am successful, happy, and I love getting to work everyday. My husband who used to work long hours, is now home full time with us. He helps me with the business and gets to be the dad to our four children the he wants to be.  This was the beginning of a huge dream we had!  We sold our house in 2016 and set off with our four kids to travel.  It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for every moment.  
If you have a dream...go do it! It all might seem scary and others will laugh and try to tell you that your dream is impossible or unrealistic, but it is not their dream.  Even if you must take baby steps toward your dream, take them.  You will never regret that you did, but you always will regret that you didn't.

Thank you to my mother for repeatedly telling me I was selling myself short and that I had a gift to offer the world, to my grandmother for always doing art projects with me and instilling the love of music and crafting deep within me, my husband for his constant support of my dreams and encouraging me to see beyond what I see as possible, and ALL of you who make what I do possible by supporting my work.  

I am truly honored to be able to share my designs with the world and my sincere hope is that my patterns and designs help you to create your own story to share with others.

Our Team

Pam – Social Media Manager, Virtual Assistant

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Manda – Executive Personal Assistant

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Quilenthia – Virtual Assistant

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Stephanie – Pattern Step Photographer

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Heather – Pattern Writer

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Diana – Videographer

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Felicia – Customer Service Specialist

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Sonia – Marketing Manager

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Andrew – Ecommerce Specialist

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"I bought it based on the first reviewer's comment, "this will be your partner's favorite dress." And she was definitely right! I tend to favor loose fitting clothing, but this has been my husband's favorite sew yet! And even more, I feel very beautiful in it too!"
– Eliza K.
"I just want to let you know how much I like your patterns. You've made them fun, affordable and easy to sew. Very clear directions and tutorials included with my patterns. Thank you for sharing your talent and for your hard work."
– Kathleen L.
"You have some of the prettiest ladies modelling your patterns. I also appreciate the different sizes of ladies as it gives me ideas on what it will look like on myself, daughters, grands or anyone else. Thank you for having such an amazing website, models and most of all patterns."
– Pam H.
"I need to tell you that your no trim PDF patterns are genius. I had sworn off PDF patterns because I can never get them lined up correctly. Your patterns were amazingly simple to tape together - love 'em!!"
– Renee