Earlier this month I made the Ellie and Mac oasis swimsuit. It's a totally gorgeous suit, and the top is a knockout. It's comfortable, supportive, and beautiful. 

But do I like sewing binding? 


No. I don't. 

But for the oasis, it's entirely worthwhile. 

And then my friend Jaime. She's a genius and she had put together a hack where she was lining a lace back bodice. Heres the link to her shop, show love admire her amazing work 


I'd tried to do something like this years ago only mine was made in velour. I don't know why I did that but it felt like cookie monster grabbing my chest. It wasn't nice. 

Hers, on the other hand, looked nothing short of amazing and you should visit her shop. 

So, with her blessing, I set off on a path to hack my own. 

I already had the oasis pattern and it fits really well. This red suit is the original oasis suit. 

Heres my hack, I apologize for the photo quality, but I think you will be glad you made this!


Step 1: cut the front bodice of the oasis in the right size for you. Then decide how many loops you want to lace through. I chose 3 but there's nothing to stop you making 2 or 16. It's your top, have fun! My loops are about 1.5" long so when I double the over I get a nice tight loop.  You made do yours longer, it's up to you. Baste your loops to the right side of your fabric. Note: they're pointing inwards, they are NOT sticking off the side of the garment. 

Step 2; you want to make two steps. I originally cut mine as the short strap cut guide included in the oasis said for my size. I quickly realized I wanted the extra long straps suggested to my size. When I was done I had 2 straps that were approx 60" long each. Here I baste them in place. 


Step 3: using my pattern piece I cut a lining. I clip this to my main piece with the right sides having. 

My loops and straps I basted on are the filling in this sandwich. Note, I basted my lining on taking care to NOT SEW where my round pattern weight is! This little hole will allow me to turn my garment out so I don't want to sew it shut! 

Again I suggest you baste your lining on as you're going to be sewing those think straps your main and lining and you want to be sure you're moving with patience. Don't rush the top here. 

After basting, turn your garment out. If it looks to your liking please turn back in and reinforce your basting stitch with a Serge or a knit appropriate sewing machine stitch.

Note: this is important, don't sew it shut leave a gap to turn your top out. 

Step 4: 

With your garment turned out, tuck in the raw edges and sew shut. At this stage, you can top stitch but it is not essential. 

Step 5: enjoy your new fun fast easy LI Z bed reversible oasis top. Feel free to experiment with fabric. While I can't personally recommend a velour lining in summer, you do you. This looks great in cotton lycra, athletic knit, and swim! 

Thank you for sewing along with me! 

I hope you love your new top!

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Huge thanks to Amelia Lane Designs for this awesome fabric and to Ellie and Mac Patterns for allowing me to share this hack. 

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Great tutorial! I’m going to make it!

Vicky June 17, 2019

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