The NEW Ultimate Dreambox Review - Summer 2023 Coupon Code

The NEW Ultimate Dreambox Review - Summer 2023 Coupon Code

The Ultimate Dreambox 2 is your crafting storage solution with over 85,000 cubic inches of total storage space. However, it isn't just a clever craft organizational cabinet, it is a crafting experience with a dedicated workspace. Every time I open my Dreambox, my mood is elevated, I feel inspired to sit and create, and I am grateful to have this space for myself.
The new ultimate Dreambox sewing crafting room organizer wardrobe cabinet review

The Ultimate Dreambox 2 model from Create Room Review. 

Ultimate Dreambox 2 review 2023 coupon code

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Are you considering getting a Dreambox for your crafting or sewing area? Is this stunning, organizational crafting space everything it looks like it could be? Is it easy to use, worth the money, and as much of a dream come true as you have heard? Here is my honest review and my recommendations.

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I have always wanted a crafting space of my own. One that was well organized, with all the creative tools that fill me with excitement. I envisioned it would be colorful and clean. I would spend hours scrolling Pinterest looking for inspiration and ideas to save for the day I would be able to create this space for myself.

Having a large family has meant that all of the free space in my home has been dedicated to a child or as a space for the kids to play and relax. As they have grown into teenagers, I am feeling the need for a dedicated space more than ever. All of my kids have their own creative outlets. Add that to my sewing and crochet hobbies, and we have a lot of crafting supplies that need a home.

We recently moved, and our new home has a space that just might do the trick. Our formal dining room is large, and since we prefer our table to be in the kitchen, it would be an ideal crafting room. The only negative to using this room is that it doesn't have a door to close to hide away the chaos of creating. This prompted me to look for a crafting wardrobe or cabinet that would look like a nice furniture piece but also open up to reveal all our crafting supplies when we were ready to use them.

Cue the angelic music and confetti raining down in my brain as the Dreambox appeared in my search. YES! This was exactly what I was looking for. I watched video after video of elated Dreambox customers opening and showing off their beautiful crafting spaces. I read reviews, sure that there must be a catch to this perfect solution. The reviews backed up the happy-faced and satisfied customers in the videos I had watched. Next, I decided to dive deep into the company website to see what they offered and learn more about this fantastic Dreambox.

2023 Dreambox review coupon discount code

What is the dreambox 2 by create room

The Ultimate Dreambox 2 is your crafting storage solution with over 85,000 cubic inches of total storage space. However, it isn't just a clever craft organizational cabinet, it is a crafting experience with a dedicated workspace. Every time I open my Dreambox, my mood is elevated, I feel inspired to sit and create, and I am grateful to have this space for myself.

It features adjustable shelves and clear storage totes to house all of your crafting and art supplies. Mine has the pleasure of organizing my sewing and crochet supplies along with all of my kid's art supplies. I love that as I use it, I can customize the layout to fit my creative flow and personality.

I love that it is also a beautiful, well-made piece of furniture that I love seeing in my home. It fits nicely and doesn't take up much room. The measurements are shown below.

Dreambox 2 measurementsDreambox 2 review by ellie and mac

Ultimate Dreambox by Create Room Delivered in Large Box

We chose to pay for the pre-built option to save time. The Dreambox arrived in a large crate shown above on a palette. When you open it, all of the sections are assembled and ready to carry into your home. From there, you place it where you want it to go, attach the pre-built sections, and install the shelves. I would say it takes two people to get the large pieces inside, but after that one person can do all the assembly except for needing someone to help hold the side doors up to attach them to the hinges.

I felt the Dreambox was well packed, delivered carefully, and easy to assemble. We ran into a question during assembly, and I was able to call customer service who quickly and kindly answered my question and got us back to work assembling in no time.

Tip: Donate the cardboard pieces to a local school or art store to use for kids' classes, stem science classes, or art projects.

See our short time-lapse video below to see how easy our assembly was. It took about three hours for my husband to assemble it at a relaxed pace, and my customization and decorating of the storage totes took about 1.5 hours. I cut my covers by hand, but Create Room does provide SVG files for their totes to allow you to quickly and efficiently cut your tote covers with a cutting machine.

Dreambox Review 2023

I feel it is easy to open and close. I have been using it for several weeks now and getting things out to use and then put away after I am done is a breeze. It is sturdy and well made.

This video below shows how it opens and closes with ease.   

Dreambox Craft Organizational Cabinet by Create Room Review

I know it is a higher-priced craft storage cabinet, but I would say I feel like it is worth every penny.

  • I am able to fit all of my craft supplies and my kids art supplies with room to spare. I am amazed by how much it can hold. 
  • I love the way it inspires me to be artistic and create when I might not normally feel that way without the colorful, organized space. 
  • It is easy to open, get setup, craft, and then close it up. 
  • It thrills my husband that my art supplies are not all over the house now. 
  • Having a dedicated space to sew and be creative makes my heart happy.
  • I love that they offer easy financing to spread the payments out over time.
Dreambox 2 by Create Room Review 2023

The Dreambox 2 comes standard with fantastic features that used to be paid upgrades!  What's Included:

  • Inview Totes - 43 totes perfectly sized for all craft supplies and tools. Upgrade to deluxe to get 72 totes for even more storage. (As shown in my Dreambox)
  • Hooks and Rods - 24 hooks keep your tools within reach. 4 rods are ideal for washi tape and ribbon spools
  • Adjustable Shelves - 25 shelves that you can adjust to meet your crafting needs and rearrange as needed or as your crafting evolves.
  • LED Crown Light - Light shines straight down on your workspace; same as natural daylight to reveal true color for your art. One is standard. Upgrade to deluxe for two lights. Lights are easy to turn on and off with the click of a switch. (My Dreambox has the deluxe crown with two LED lights).
  • EZ Fold Table - This table raises and lowers easily, but is sturdy and can hold my heavy Babylock serger and sewing machine without any shaking or issues. I was curious how that would work, but it does.
  • Ergo Style or White Shaker Style - Erog has a sleek, flat front surface with handles and is standard. Upgrade to the Shaker 2-panel style for the same look as my Dreambox.
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping
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Dreambox craft organizer cabinet review

2023 Dreambox 2 review inside storage cabinet
Dreambox 2 review and coupon code
Dreambox by create room 2023 review and coupon code
Ellie and Mac 2023 Coupon Code for Dreambox 2

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