Bow-Up Your Top

Bow-Up Your Top


Hey ya’ll, Suzanne Todd, here with a super easy and simple way to really “bow-up” the FREE Curved Hem Tank PDF Pattern from Ellie and Mac. Yes, I said free and easy!! So why not? Right!

For this easy hack, I made the Curved Hem Pocket Tank per pattern and instructions.

Although, I did cut them bottom straight across, so I guess mine is not really a “curved” hem tank anymore….LOL!

Mine is made with a solid Bamboo Spandex fabric from Oh So Pretty Custom Fabrics. I use a lot of their solids; the quality is good, and colors very vibrant.

The bow can really be any type of fabric you prefer, I decided to use a multicolored chiffon, knowing my blue top would really cause the blue in the bow to “pop”!

Step 1.

Cut your bow piece 4.5” wide and about 36” long.

Step 2.

Fold in half lengthwise, right sides together and press.

Step 3.

Draw an angled line at the tip to create a point.

Step 4.

Stitch the point and opening closed leaving a small space for turning.

Turn the tube right side out. And stitch the opening closed.

Step 5.

Find the center of the bow piece and pin it directly on the shoulder seam.

Place a pin 3/8” above and below this center pin.

Step 6.

Stitch all the places, attaching the bow to the shoulder area.


Tie your fabric in a pretty bow, drape the “tails” where you prefer.


So easy!

And such a fun way to “bow-up” a simple freebie!

Remember, details make the difference!

Until next time….Happy sewing!

(Written by: Suzanne Todd)

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