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Create Your Happy Place

Starting 11/17 at 10am MST until 11/27: Save $400 USD off the new DreamBox 2 with my discount code: ELLIEANDMAC_PATTERNSBF23

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Use ELLIEANDMAC_PATTERNSBF23 to save $250 USD off Create Room's mobile Sew Station. It features:

  • Side and back table leaves for cutting and fabric support.
  • Spool holders to keep your threads within reach.
  • Electric lifter moves your machine below the worktop to store.
  • Latch to your DreamBox or WorkBox table for one continuous work surface.

Save $400 off the NEW Ultimate DreamBox 2

The Ultimate DreamBox 2 is your crafting storage solution with over 85,000 cubic inches of total storage space. However, it isn't just a clever craft organizational cabinet, it is a crafting experience with a dedicated workspace. Every time I open my DreamBox, my mood is elevated, I feel inspired to sit and create, and I am grateful to have this space for myself.

Create Room's Black Friday Discounts

Use discount code: ELLIEANDMAC_PATTERNSBF23 to save:

  • $400 off White Shaker
  • $350 off Ergo DB
  • $400 off DB Pre-Built Service
  • $50 off Deluxe Crown w/Double Light
  • $100 off two Side Tables
  • $50 off Built-In Drawers
  • $30 off organizing essentials kit
  • $8 off Power Strip
  • $75 off Cubby
  • $100 off DC
  • $250 off Sew Station ($300 off when purchased with DB)

PDF Sewing Patterns

Download your pattern immediately after your order.