Jersey Skirt Woven Fabric Hacks

Jersey Skirt Woven Fabric Hacks

I’ve had a weird relationship with skirts for quite some time, now... While I do love them, I don’t wear them much. Don’t ask me why because I really don’t have a clue. I like my skirts to have a twist and, even when I find an awesome pattern like the one I’m going to show you today, I feel the need to hack it!

When I found the Jersey Skirt Pattern by Ellie and Mac, I absolutely fell in love with it. It had a funky design, it was simple to cut and even easier to sew.

So... you’d say... What was the problem? Well... although I enjoy working with knits, I do tend to find gorgeous prints in woven more easily in my country. I also add promise myself to sew more of my stash instead of buying so much fabric... which lead me to wondering “Hmm... Can I make this skirt in woven instead of jersey?”.......

...Well... Yes, you can!!

As I started to study the pattern and checking with it, I found myself looking at this skirt’s ruffles...and loving them...

Yes, You guessed it... I added ruffles to my Jersey skirt... now about to be sewn in woven! Last, but not least... I added pockets! Ready for the challenge? Ok... Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

I’ll try to keep my sewing steps very straightforward, so if you have any doubt , just ask in the blog or tag me on Ellie and Mac’s facebook group.

1st – Choose fabric – Since it’s a double layer skirt (and I was going to add ruffles), I decided to use a light-weighted woven with a nice drape. I used a piece of knit for the interior of the waistband though.

2nd – Check measurements – you know... Measure twice, cut once!

3rd – Go up a size! - We’re sewing with woven, a pattern that’s made to be in knit... Size up!

4th – Cut the skirt... Baby steps now...

- Cut the skirt pieces. You can also sew and hem the inner layer of the skirt already, as per instructions;

- Cut the waistband: one in knit (the interior) as per the pattern size and one in woven. I followed the shape of the one I had cut in knit, but extended the length till I got the size I wanted (which was the measurement from one side of the skirt top till the other).

- Cut pockets: I basically drew the shape of my hand a little bigger on paper, added seam allowance, gave it more the shape of a pocket and cut it four times (mirrored)… but you can just check an Ellie and Mac inseam pocket from another pattern and use it. 

5th – Cut the ruffles: I decided that I only wanted to have ruffles on the outside layer of the skirt. I measured the bottom and multiplied for 3. Then I cut the stripes of fabric, sewed them together, folded them in half (right sides together) and ironed them. 

6th - Sew the pockets: I added the pockets to the outer layer of the skirt, only. To do this, I measured 2 1/2 inches down from the top side of my outer skirt layer (still without the waistband), pinned the pocket to the skirt (fabric right sides together) and sewed. Then I repeated the process with the other sides, making sure the pockets placement matched.

7th – Sew the skirt: If you have already sewn the inner layer of the skirt, you will now need to sew the front and back rectangles of the outer layer. Do it going around the inseam pockets.

8th – Sew the ruffles – Without backstitching and using the longest stitch in your machine sew two parallell rows throughout those long stripes. Ruffle away!!

Pin the ruffles to the outer layer skirt hem (I serged all hems previously), making sure they’re spread evenly. Sew using your regular stitch length and backstitching. Remove the thread that was left while making the ruffles...and that’s it.

9th – Sew both skirt layers to one another (follow the pattern instructions).

10th – Sew the waistband: Sew the inner waistband (the one in knit) and the outer waistband (the one in woven) separately, following the pattern instructions.

- Attach both waistbands to one another – Follow the pattern instructions, but when sewing, stretch the knit to get till the end of the woven piece. Serge the bottom of the waistbands.

The idea is to have the knit stretching on the inside and a beautiful woven waistband on the outside hugging the curves of your waist.  
11th – Attaching the waistband to the skirt – Follow the pattern instructions and attach the waistband to the skirt (I used the gathering method). Don’t forget to stretch the waistband so it will fit the skirt’s opening.
12th – You're done! Go on and show off your skirt!

If you’d like to bundle... here it is: Jersey Skirt Bundle

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(Written by: Dora Serrano)


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