How to Hack the Play Date Dress to Have a Matching Bolero

How to Hack the Play Date Dress to Have a Matching Bolero

Version 1

A while back, I blogged about the Play Date Dress that I made for the youngest for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. But I haven't shown you the one I made later on for my oldest yet. Because I made a sleeveless version this time (a limited hack), I hacked the pattern to make a fitting bolero. Below I show you how I did it, and I give some additional tips. I made it reversible too.

I started with the patterned parts of the bodice from the Play Date Dress, because I wanted a short cardigan (bolero-style), so that that beautiful bow would remain visible on the back. I chose a soft and fun fabric for an extra festive hue.

I first drew the front. I added half an inch to the neckline. From the neckline I drew a curved line to the side seam at the bottom.

I lengthened the sleeves. There, too, I just started with the pattern part. I first took the measurements of my daughters arm length with the tape measure (measuring is knowing ...), from the shoulder to the wrist. That way I knew exactly how long the sleeve should be.

I did not make any adjustments to the back. When I make this bolero again, which will certainly happen, I will make a change here. Now, after all, it is rather 'wide' on the back, while I would rather see it more fitted.

So next time (you learn by doing!) I would take it in at the waist.

I made the bolero reversible, because it gives a little more warmth, and because it can be worn on both sides and of course fits with several items of clothing. I thought this version was quite successful for a fairly extensive hack, but I will certainly 'tweak' a bit.

Oh by the way, for the dress itself I just left the sleeves off, and finished the bodice at the arm opening with stretchable bias.

Second attempt: the tweaked version
As mentioned above, I thought the bolero was rather wide and gaped on the back, while I preferred it a little more fitted. Because I made the previous one reversible, it also remains 'bumpy', even after washing and ironing.

So I made a few adjustments:
- I took the pattern in a little at the side seams, so that it would fit more in the waist. I used the red dotted line (see photo below).
- I made a bolero from the same material, this time neither lined nor reversible.
- to finish the raw edges, I first went over it with the overlock. Afterwards I placed bias in the neckline, for a neat finish. At the hem, I just turned the locked edge in and stitched it.

This is how I obtained the result below, which I am very happy with!

And now I have a padded winter version, and an airy summer version of this bolero. Win-win, if you ask me, because a lot has been learned in the meantime!

Also try it? All you need for both the dress and the bolero is the pattern of the Play Date Dress!

If you want, you can use my affiliate link for this (when you use it, I get a little commission, as a thank you from the designer for my material and time. Thanks for supporting my hobby a little bit this way :) )

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