How to sew a hoodie for kids easy and quick sewing tutorial

Turn the Patch Hoodie into a Sweater Dress

Hi there! This is Manda, and I am so excited to tell you about this hack of the Kids Patch Hoodie! Today I have a tutorial for you on how to adjust this pattern into a Sweater Dress. While testing this pattern, I had an image in my mind about how cute this would look. So I have tried it, and my daughter was so happy with it that I want to share this hack with all of you.

This is an easy hack, and as a bonus I will show how to do this pattern modification with your projector. When you are using the printed version, you can follow all the steps as well.

I decided to size up 1 size, because the fabric I used was rather thick and I wanted enough room to prevent the bottom dress part from sticking to the hips. This is totally optional and personal preference. I used a soft and cosy sweater knit with a good recovery, and I decided to use the same fabric for the elbow patches and the pocket. I placed the stripes vertical for these pieces.
Let's get started!

Step 1

Get your projection or pattern pieces ready. We are starting with the front bodice. Measure the shoulder to hem line, and note this measurement. Then measure your child from shoulder to the point where you want the dress to end. Add 1/2" hem allowance (the part you fold over to hem) and 1/4" seam allowance (to sew the shoulder part) to this measurement and note this number. Determine the difference between the two numbers that you wrote down, this is the extra length that you are going to add to the pattern piece. For me this was about 3.5".
(Get your pattern pieces ready)
(Get your pattern pieces ready)
(Measure the shoulder to hem length)
(Determine how much length you want to add)

Step 2

We are using the lengthen line at the bodice pattern piece to lengthen our pattern. When you use a projector, place pins on top of this line. When you use a paper pattern, cut the pattern piece in half at this line.
(Place pins all over the lengthen line in the bodice)

Step 3

For the projector: measure from the lengthen line down the amount that you want to add to the pattern piece and use pins to create a line parallel to lengthen line. For your paper pattern piece: cut a piece of paper with the length that you want to add and paste that between the top and the bottom of the pattern piece.
(Measure from the lengthen line down, the amount that you want
to add and use pins to create a line parallel to lengthen line)

Step 4

After you have cut your front pattern piece, lay the front bodice on top of the fabric and cut the back bodice in the same length. Use your projection or the pattern piece to trace the back neckline. 
(Place your front bodice on top of the fabric to cut
the back bodice in the same lenght. Cut the back
bodice neckline)

Then you can follow the pattern instructions that come with the pattern to create you own Patch Hoodie Sweater Dress!

Et voilà: there it is: 

PDF Sewing Patterns

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