Slow Sunday Dress Hack

Slow Sunday Dress Hack

Hi all, @sewsewilse here again.

This week it is quite cold here in Belgium and our landscape is covered with a nice layer of snow. Sweaters and long pants are very welcome now. Still, I'm looking forward to better weather, to spring and to putting on cute dresses again. Looking forward is so much fun so I started to sew a nice and feminine dress.

Ellie & Mac has a huge collection, so it's not hard to shop for cute patterns there. I never tried the Slow Sunday top, tunic and dress pattern so now it was about time to try it out. This dress was probably tested and released when it was summer, because I see countless summer dresses on the website. Nevertheless, I wanted to make a wintry version of it and so I did.

A little while back I helped test the Puff Sleeve Peplum, dress and Bodysuit and I loved the special sleeve of this pattern so much. In fact, I wanted this sleeve on the Slow Sunday dress. That would make a fun winter version of the Sow Sunday!

So let's get to work!

Before I could cut, I had to adjust the pattern. Since both patterns have inset sleeves, I just had to transfer the arm opening from the Puff sleeve pattern to the Slow Sunday dress. I did this like this:

  • I printed my Slow Sunday dress pattern pieces and taped my dress

  • Then I printed the front and back armopening from the Puff Sleeve Pattern (also in my size)

  • I needed to transfer and mirror both pieces so I could put them on top of each other and compare them

  • Here you see both front pieces with the arm opening on top of each other, there is only a small difference so I only have to make the front arm opening a little higher.

  • When I put the arm opening (from my back) of both patterns on top of each other and compare, you notice that I have to raise the arm opening a little more,

  • I taped my new modifications and the cutting could begin!

I used a silky ITY jersey which made my puff sleeve not puff hard. When using a more structured fabric the sleeve will puff harder.

The Slow Sunday dress is really a quick sewing project. Only the puff sleeve needs a little more precision but so nice to do!

What do you think, is my Slow Sunday dress with puff sleeve also suitable as a winter dress?

Boots and jacket on and I'm ready to go!

Thanks for passing by! See you soon!

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Written by: Ilse Lemmens)

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