Trendsetter & Feel Pretty Mash Up

Trendsetter & Feel Pretty Mash Up

I've had this inspiration outfit in my screenshots for so long! I know we all do that! Screenshot all the outfits to make later! Well, I came across some rust colored cupro (I got mine from So Sew English)  and I immediately remembered this skirt! It reminded me so much of the waistband of the Feel Pretty Pants and also reminded me a lot of Trendsetter skirt. The inspo picture has a curved hem, as does the Trendsetter skirt's back skirt piece, so I decided to use two back skirts of the Trendsetter and the waistband of the Feel Pretties to see if it would give me the look I was hoping for. And it totally did! I had to whip up my favorite crop top pattern, the bodice of the Sunny Day dress, to complete the look! 

So to start: I used my size skirt pattern that my measurements fall into, XS. Then I printed the waistband of the Feel Pretties the next size up from the size skirt I printed, Small. The pants are drafted for woven, so I figured the next size up waistband would match because typically you size up once going from knit to woven. It worked perfectly! You can see in the photo my skirt width is the same as the waistband. *the skirt is cut on fold, the waistband is not, so I folded the waistband in half to show this. 

I cut two back skirts instead and constructed the skirts per the Trendsetter tutorial. Then did the same for the waistband, doing the casings and drawstring per the tutorial. Then, just attached the two together. They matched perfectly and I got the exact skirt I was looking for! I love when you can see a photo of something you like, and figure out how to make it using patterns that you love! It makes sewing so much fun and so gratifying! I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy mash up! 

Blog post written by Stephane Farias.

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