Monday Morning & Tulip Dress Mash Up

Monday Morning & Tulip Dress Mash Up

I love the Tulip dress; it is so trendy and easy to sew, but I wanted to have more options with this awesome pattern. I did a search on Pinterest and a found a dress with the tulip skirt style, but had a bodice with a higher neckband I immediately thought of the morning dress bodice. I decided to combine the 2 patterns together and loved the results!

If you want to have this option with your tulip dress, then this tutorial is for you! Let’s get started. You will need:

  • Monday Morning dress pattern (we will refer to MM on the rest of the blog)
  • Tulip dress pattern (we will refer to TD on the rest of the blog)
  • Tracing paper 
  • Pencil, crayon, pen or your marking of choice to draw on the tracing paper
  • French ruler and ruler (optional)
  • Paper scissors 
  • Your choice of pattern weights

Let’s start making the front dress pattern: 

  1. Start by laying down your MM bodice pattern 

  2. Separately take your TD pattern and fold it on the smallest part of the waist (I prefer to have this pattern piece cut to my size.)

  3. Join together the MM dress bodice to the TD skirt to create one dress pattern

  4. Take your tracing paper and lay it on the top of both patterns (MM bodice and TD skirt) carefully. Make sure the patterns are aligned on the center seam (on fold line) 

  5. Start by tracing the bodice of the dress front on your prefer size (on the MM dress follow the high neckline for the front). Once you get to the waist on the MM dress and the waist on the TD it may not match perfectly specially if you are grading sizes on the waist. Just trace a waist creating one dress pattern using a curved ruler can be helpful.

    Once you are done tracing all around the dress pattern the front pattern is done

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to create one back dress pattern but using the back neckline of the MM dress.

For the back of the dress pattern I chose to cut on fold and not have a center back seam. If you prefer a back seam when tracing the pattern add seam allowance and cut 2 pieces on the fabric. 

For neckband and armbands use the MM high neckband pattern and armband pattern on my size. 

To sew this dress follow the sewing instructions on the Tulip Dress pattern. To sew neckband and armbands follow instructions on the Morning Dress pattern. 

You are done!! Please if you follow this tutorial share in any of the Ellie and Mac social media and tag my Instagram @queenbeesew. I would love to see!

My sister in her new dress

(Written by: Erika Jessen Pin)

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