Hoodless Traveler's Top Hack

Hoodless Traveler's Top Hack

Hello! I’m Aimee, also known as the Sewing Scientist, here to bring you a new blog post for Ellie & Mac. This blog contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I will receive a small commission for which I am very grateful.  

Today, I want to show you my hack of the Travelers Top. I love the silhouette of the Travelers Top, but I do like hoods. So I’ve been dreaming of making one without a hood. 

I printed the Travelers Top a long time ago and have no idea what size I printed. I normally grade between sizes, but when I printed it, I only had one size printed. I did not make any height adjustments and held the front piece up to me in front of a mirror and likes the length for wearing with leggings. As I laid out my pieces, I noticed that the back neckline was really low – so I raised it two inches. 

I was using a very plush sweatshirt knit and decided to do reverse hems to let the fluffy side show and add a bit of interest. I thought it might be too plain in solid navy. When I have curved hemlines that meet at a point, I like to hem before sewing the side seams.

After I sewed the top together, I tried it on before finishing the neckline. I was debating on adding a cowl or a neckline. When I saw that the neckline was very wide on me, I decided to do a wide neckband. I cut my neckband at 3” wide and at 90% of the neckline. 

The sleeves ended up very long on me. I had intended to do a reverse hem on them as well, but they were way to long for just a 1” hem. I folded the sleeves up three times and left the hem raw since it was enclosed in the folds.

Once I finished my Travelers Top, I found it to be too big all over and way too long on my 5’ height. But I think it turned out so cute and plan to pass this one along to a friend. I plan to go back and print a large for my bust and XXL for hips and grade between the two sizes and make another one. 

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