Sunshine Leggings Colorblock Hack

Sunshine Leggings Colorblock Hack


Here is Lesley alias Frullemieke from the blog again. Today I’m gonna show you how to make a little hack on the Kid's Sunshine Legging's. We are gonna make a color block on the legging 😊

Ok, here we go:

1. Cut out the pattern pieces

2. Decide how wide you want the color block, mark this down on your pattern along the outside of the pattern and cut this piece off.

3. Create a new pattern piece of the two small pieces that you cut.
Do NOT add seam allowance.

4. Cut out all the pattern pieces in fabric, the new piece 2x (mirrored) in another fabric choice.

5. Take one set of mirrored Front and Back Pants right sides together
and pin the colorblock between the outer seams.

6. This is the result:

7. After this step, you can continue with the tutorial.

8. And this is the result after finishing all the steps 😊

Enjoy your new creation!

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