How to create your own Mix & Match Capsule with the Wrapped in Love & Breezy Pattern

How to create your own Mix & Match Capsule with the Wrapped in Love & Breezy Pattern

Hi EAM fam! It has been while since I stopped in to share a project with you, but I am back with a little bit of hacking action! So just a few days ago, EAM released the Wrapped in Love dress and it was a whole lot of pretty. I bought it immediately because I adored the skirt style of the dress. I will be the first to admit, I have a closet filled with dresses and only so many occasions in which to wear them. I decided I wanted to turn the Wrapped in Love dress into a skirt. I had enough fabric that I planned to make a matching shirt as well. I personally don’t wear many lined bodice tops mostly because I am always too hot. So as I was planning, I knew I wanted to ditch the lining layer and add bands to the neckline. So now that I have shared the game plan, let’s get busy.

I printed only the skirt portion of the Wrapped in Love dress. You can do this my looking at the print layout and selecting the pages you need. I decided fairly quickly that I wasn’t going to use the top that came with the dress. Since I planned to create separates, I wanted to use a top pattern that I would wear and feel confident in. The Be Breezy is my go-to pattern for this. I have used it or parts of it for many projects. I printed the Be Breezy with the mid-thigh length skirt and ¾ sleeves. Again, I looked at the print layout chart to determine which pages I needed to print.

So now, business as usual. Assemble your pattern pieces and cut your fabric. I removed several inches of length from the skirt of the Wrapped in Love to account for my lack of height. I began by assembling my skirt. I followed the directions from the pattern up to the point of having a skirt without a waist band. I had planned to add an exposed elastic band. I took photos of how to do this so I could teach you as well. I picked up some 2 inch wide elastic at Joann Fabrics, with a coupon, of course! I was actually surprised that they now have many colors and some have sparkles! 

First use the elastic to wrap around your body using a comfortable amount of stretch. I typically start with when the elastic is a “perfect fit” then snug it about 2 inches. Now overlap the edges of your elastic and zig zag stitch it closed. Go over the stitches several times so it is secure. 

I then trimmed the elastic to the stitches and added a line of fabric glue to seal the threads. Now divide your elastic loop into quarters starting with the overlapped seam which is the back. You can mark with clips or pins. Next divide your skirt into quarters. Your skirt is noticeably larger than your elastic waistband, this will help create the gathers and add the fullness.

Now align your waistband elastic over the top of your skirt, right sides together. Your elastic should be on the outside and your skirt on the inside. Line up your quarter clips and clip elastic and skirt layers together. I added an extra clip matching the band and skirt up between the quarter clips. With only the quarters clipped together, when I stretched my elastic enough to make it flat to my skirt, I broke a needle…a brand new needle!! Use caution! Wear safety googles if needed. :)

Now let’s sew! I used a zig zag stitch sewing with about ½ inch seam allowance. Go slow and adjust your fabric along the elastic as you go. Back stitch when you reach the end. Now turn your band out and TA -DA! Your skirt now has a band. Now we need a top!

I picked the Be Breezy top. I love this top! I actually love the skirt on this top. I knew I wanted to pick a top pattern which would allow me to be able to wear it without the skirt. I like longer tunic length shirts so this was going to work out perfectly. I sewed my Breezy top according to the directions in the pattern! This top comes together super fast and in no time flat, I had an awesome top! Let’s check this outfit out with several styling options.

Thanks for following along while I hacked the Wrapped in Love Dress just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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