How to Add a Crossover Hem to Any Sweater

How to Add a Crossover Hem to Any Sweater

Hi there! It’s Lakeisha from [Sincerely, Shantelle] and today I’m going to show you how I achieved this super cute crossover hem on the Fall in Love Sweater. A little disclaimer about mine before getting started: I wanted this to feel very roomy and cozy, so I sized up TWO sizes from my measurements. This made the neckline a little lower because I forgot to take that into account. If you size up, but would like to keep the original neckline, make sure to trace them onto the larger size 
pattern before cutting.

For this hack, you will need your sweater pattern (I used the Fall in Love), a long
straight edge, and some tracing paper or regular white paper is fine. You will need to trace the other side of the bodice so that you have a full bodice. Due to the angled nature of this hem, it cannot cut be cut on the fold.

Decide how high you want your angle to be. I wanted a nice angle, which is part of why I sized up, so that I’d have extra length at the bottom. I also wanted to be able to comfortably wear this with leggings, as well as jeans (and I like my backside covered up).

I settled on 3.5” high from the corner and made a mark. You can choose whatever
height works for you. Draw a diagonal line from that mark all the way to the opposite bottom corner. This can be cut and the bottom piece discarded. Cut two mirror images using this new bodice piece. You will end up with 2 “front bodices.”

For the bands, measure the slanted edge and add 1/4” on each side to account for the loss on the ends when you sew the pieces together. You can use your own height. I chose the waistband that comes with the pattern, and it was 6”. For my size, I cut two bands that were 6”x21”. Cut one band from the band pattern piece for the back bodice. Fold them all in half, with the WRONG sides together and press. Mark the center of one of the front bands and front bodice with a pin or clip.

With the right sides together, pin or clip the center of the band to bodice and continue pinning or clipping to the outer edge of bodice. Sew, press the seam up, and topstitch. Do the same for the other front bodice and the back bodice.

Place one front bodice right side up and place the other on top, with the WRONG side of that one touching the RIGHT side of the first one. Align all of the edges, and make sure the crossover hem underneath is nice and flat. You do not have to baste, unless you would like, but it’s important to note that you will be treating both bodices as ONE for the duration of sewing. Whichever makes it easiest for you should be done.

Place your back bodice onto both front bodices with right sides touching with the
outermost front bodice and pin or clip at the shoulders. From here on out, follow the rest of the tutorial for your sweater, as everything else is the same. Just make sure to remember you are sewing through three layers at the side seams, shoulders, front of neckline, and at the sleeves :)

Enjoy your fabulous new sweater with the gorgeous hemline <3

Finished sweater with cross over hem. 
Close up hem line

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