Scrap- Bustin' DIY Hanging Kitchen Towel

Do you ever contemplate, What am I going to do with all these scraps? I know I do. I am not one to waste, especially if its a favorite fabric print. I was fishing round on the web on creations I could make with scraps the size of a fat quarter or less, and low and behold I found the perfect all season craft located on Pinterest. “Jackpot”...Not only could I use up my scraps, but I could make gifts for any occasion. You can gift these for house warming gifts, Christmas presents, birthdays, Teacher Appreciation or Anniversary. I plan to make many of these for my kitchen to reflect the changing of seasons and holidays.

This scrap-bustin' do it yourself craft is a hanging kitchen towel. With this quick step by step tutorial you will be able to sew a kitchen towel with a tab at the top that can be used to fold over and attach to a drawer pull, oven door or towel rail. These hanging towels are perfect, the hanging tab allows the towel to stay in place. Let's have some fun!

Project: Beginner Friendly Easy

Materials List:
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Seam Ripper
  • Pattern
  • Fabric (size of a fat quarter)
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Pins or clips
  • Scissors
  • Button (snaps if you prefer)
  • Lightweight interfacing if using thin fabrics
Pattern used was from: there are plenty of free templates out there just surf the web and pick your favorite or draw your own.

Step 1:
Cut your kitchen towel in half and cut out the pattern pieces with corresponding fabrics.

Step 2:
Place your two coordinating fabrics, right sides together and sew a straight stitch approx 1/4” around the perimeter. Leaving 1” around the base. This will be tucked and sewn for stability.

Step 3:
Turn right sides out, ensure that you get crisp corners as much as possible using a pen, chopstick or crochet hook.
Tuck the base of the fabric in where we left the 1 inch opening, then press.

Step 4:
Top stitch around perimeter of towel topper using a 1/4” straight stitch.
Gather towel approx 3/8” down from the top and gather with a basting stitch increase stitch length to highest setting.) Gather to width of towel topper. 2 rows of gathering stitches will create a great structured gather.

Step 5:
Insert the gathered towel into the topper and pin in place. Sew through all layers using a decorative stitch, zig zag, or lightning stitch. Back stitch to ensure locked stitches. Trim excess threads.

Step 6:
On the towel topper, locate the center of the tab, mark with tailors chalk or simply pin. This will be where the button hole will be made.

Step 7:
(you may want to practice on scraps prior to applying to tab) Select the desired button for this project and place into the button hole foot. Attach button hole foot to machine and engage machine. Select the proper buttonhole stitch per machines manual and sew accordingly. Put pins across top and bottom of buttonhole, then seam rip the center.

Step 8:
Fold down tab and mark where the button will be placed. It should be centered just under the tab and newly sewn button hole. Then, hand sew the button on or if you have a button foot you may certainly use that.

Project Complete! I hope you enjoyed this quick easy D.I.Y project.