Our fantastic top 5 adult's patterns of 2019

Our fantastic top 5 adult's patterns of 2019

Now that we’ve looked at the top 5 kid patterns, let’s take a look at the what the top 5 adult ones were. Any guesses? 

Coming in at number 5...

5.   Duchess Jacket

This glorious woven jacket pattern made it in the top 5 list for both adults and kids. It’s boutique style lends well to a myriad of wovens. Not to mention the fantastic twirl factor of the skirt. I always feel so fancy wearing mine. Plus, you can search the blog and find a few hacks to add even more to this fabulous pattern.

4.   G
oing Home Sweater

A raglan sleeve sweater with lots of possibilities. Make it a dress….make it a shirt to go with jeans...make it a tunic to go with some leggings...make it short sleeve for the summer or long sleeve for the winter. This is really one of those staple patterns for any pattern collection. 

3.   Be Creative Hoodie


The title says it all….you can be so creative with this one. This option for such creativity is probably why it landed on both top 5 lists for this year. It has a fun curved color-blocking panel across the bodice and several sleeve lengths so it can be made for any season.

2.   T
wist It Up Top

These knot front shirts have been all the rage this year, so of course Ellie and Mac had to get in on the fun. The knot is honestly easier than it looks and adds such a fun detail to the hem of the top. There’s even a blog post on how to put that knot on any EAM shirt that you love. 

Coming in in 1st Place for 2019……...

1.   Tres Belle Wrap Dress & Tunic

A faux wrap style bodice with several skirt options. I’ve seen this one made in so many different fabrics. Sometimes all the same fabric and other times with a little mixing and matching. It can be made for a casual day of errand running or fancy it up for a night on the town. 

Fun Fact: The Dog Hoodie was released two weeks ago and ended up in the top 10 of all the patterns for the year!

As the first EAM pattern for our 4 legged friends, it was a total hit. 

Well that is all my sewing friends. Do you own all of the top patterns from 2019? Are you ready for all your sewing adventures in 2020? Hop on to the Ellie & Mac Facebook Group and share your plans with us! Sharing together is what makes this community great. 

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