How to sew an infinity scarf to complement your outfit

How to sew an infinity scarf to complement your outfit

Hello fellow sewists, I’m AnCa from Flaxfieldsewing.

I really love deep necklines!  Fortunately Ellie & Mac fully meets my wishes with many of their patterns!

I made the low neckline variation of the Day To Night pattern in the past. Super cool, but when the temperatures flirt with the freezing point this open neckline is too cold, even for me. I had to find something on this. And that something was an infinity scarf.

There really is nothing as simple as sewing an infinity scarf.  And I would like to help you sewing your own with this tutorial. 

The first thing you have to do is cutting a big rectangle. I took the full width of my fabric (55 inch/140 cm) and a height of 20 inch (50 cm).

Pin this rectangle over the long side with the good sides against each other.  Sew the long side.

Turn the tunnel with the right side out.

Fold the tunnel back to half so that the right sides get back together.  

Pin and sew, but leave a turning hole (2 inch/5 cm) open.

Turn the scarf right side out.

All there’s left is closing the turning hole.

You can do this with your sewing machine, but I usually prefer to close the turning hole with an invisible stitch by hand.

You're done!  Admire your beautiful scarf and start the next one ;-).

X AnCa

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