Our fabulous top 5 kid's patterns of 2019

Our fabulous top 5 kid's patterns of 2019

Well hello all you fabulous sewing people. This is Sam over here at Ellie and Mac bringing you some fun info from this year. It really has been a wonderful year with so many fantastic patterns getting released. We thought all of you might like to know what the most popular patterns were for 2019. 

As we go through looking at what’s been hot this year, you can click on any of the pics to take you right to the pattern (this uses my affiliate link). If it’s one you love that you don’t own yet….well add that sucker to your cart and get to sewing.

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I digress…..on to the list!

5.   Transformer Jacket 

This fabulous pattern came later in the year but has proven to be a favorite. I mean who doesn’t love the idea of a jacket that turns into a backpack. It even features some color-blocking so you can use up those lovely scraps we all have such a hard time throwing away. Keep your eyes peeled this coming year…..maybe an adult version will be on the horizon. 

4.   Be Creative Hoodie

This hoodie has options that can make it your traditional idea of a hoodie (long sleeves and a hood in a nice weight fabric) or you can think spring and use a lighter weight fabric with the short sleeve option. Plus, the color-blocking is again a great way to use up scraps from fabrics you loved and can’t bear to part with. I personally love the piping detail along the curved bodice seam. 

3.   Duchess Jacket

The Duchess is the only woven fabric jacket pattern currently in the EAM family and it does not disappoint. This gives you the chance to branch out into so many wonderful woven fabric options….from a nice wool to a denim...or even corduroy or velvet. Let’s not forget the incredible twirl factor of that skirt. 

2.   Around the Block Hoodie

This pattern has made multiple appearances on my sewing table. Another one that you can really use some creativity and show your personality. The angled color-blocked bodice pieces (again with the popularity of the color-blocked patterns) lend themselves to so many fabric combinations…..solids, polka dots, prints...oh my!

And in FIRST PLACE for popularity in 2019…….drum roll…………...

1.   South Shore Romper

It’s not a huge surprise that this one made it to the top of the list. As a romper, a kid doesn’t have to think about what top goes with what bottom….it’s all right there figured out for them. The top and bottom can have the same fabric or you can switch it up and it’ll look like separates without actually being separate. With long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves and pants or shorts to choose from you can make one for every season. 

So….how many of these do you own? Personally, I have all of them but then again I have a serious addiciton to sewing. 

Watch for the blog coming with the Top 5 Adult patterns of 2019!

(written by Samantha Hardcastle)

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