Pinspiration Mash Up

Pinspiration Mash Up

Kim here, and I’m super excited to share my recent mashup with you! As much as I try to slow down
time, the holidays are upon us, and with that comes holiday parties and social engagements for some of
us. After taking a walk through my closet, I realized that I don’t have many dresses that I would wear to
a fancy dress party.

After taking a look online at dresses that struck my fancy, I found an Alexander McQueen dress that I
caught my eye (I kinda love Alexander McQueen’s creations so I wasn’t surprised this was one of his
dresses). When I showed my husband the dress, he told me there was no way we were spending $2700
on a dress…the nerve him telling me no to the dress of my dreams!! HA! to the drawing board for
me, I guess!

I decided to mash some Ellie and Mac patterns together to make this dress happen and landed on the Be Trendy halter top and Jersey skirt as the pieces that I would need to make my inspiration dress.

Originally, I planned to lengthen the top to accommodate the waistband, but after I started putting the pattern together, I found that I didn’t need to lengthen anything. The Be Trendy stopped where I
wanted without needing any added length. I also left the waistband off the jersey skirt since I knew I was
sewing it to the top.

I opted for a stretch lace on the outside of the bodice, and I just attached the skirt to the liner when I
sewed the dress together. The original had a belt on it, but I didn’t add one to the dress I made. I chose
a scalloped edge lace and just left that part as the bottom layer of the dress top to give the overall
impression of two separate pieces.

Overall, I love this mashup! Now, I just need somewhere to wear my new dress! The Be Trendy is
actually a free pattern at Ellie and Mac, and you can grab the Jersey Skirt for 60% right now through the
site wide sale that Lindsey has going on this month!

Just head on over to the Ellie and Mac webstore
and grab the patterns that you’ve been wishlisting. And don’t forget to share your creations with us in
the Ellie and Mac Facebook group.

Thanks so much for reading along! Blessings and Happy Sewing!

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