Not So Basic Pants Hack: slimming the legs

Not So Basic Pants Hack: slimming the legs

Hi, Deborah here!

For those following my blog or IG, as you know, I fell under the spell of the Not So Basic Pants. Wonderful how you can cut and process fabric into well fitted trousers in half an hour!

The Not So Basic Pants offers two options: legging style and wide pants style. Both nice, but I also wanted a version with less wide legs. So I hacked  the pattern and am now going to show you how I did it.

I took the pattern part of the wide leg version and redesigned the inseam. On both sides of the pattern part I took a lot of the width, without changing anything at the top of the pattern part. In the photo below, the blue lines represent the new inseam.

At the back I marked  10 cm (3.5 ") in the hem and then I folded the pattern piece back from the crotch to the marking, along the blue line. At the front, I marked  12 cm (4.5") and folded back the pattern piece along the blue line also. I placed the modified pattern piece on my folded fabric, so I cut two mirrored pieces (as you normally would). Nothing changed at the top, so I was able to cut the waistband exactly  like the original pattern provides.

After a successful muslin, I dug into my stock and found another piece of navy blue stretch stretch fabric from 

It only stretches two-sided and not four-sided, as the pattern recommends. I made sure that the stretch was in width, not length, and as you can see it worked great!

I am very happy with my new pants! No closures, great and the legs less wide, so easier to cycle with, for example.

You can purchase the pattern here ( Not So Basic Pants

Ellie & Mac is one of my go-to designers when I sew. In addition, I regularly test new patterns. If you like to stay up-to-date on Ellie & Mac patterns, or are curious about hacks with Ellie & Mac patterns, feel free to check out my blog or IG profile!


(written by: Deborah Ingelrelst)

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