Mash Up Time! (Day to Night & Puff Sleeve Pattern)

Mash Up Time! (Day to Night & Puff Sleeve Pattern)

Hello, I am here to show you how I made my Puff Sleeve Bodysuit into a bodycon dress using the Puff Sleeve Peplum, Dress, & Bodysuit Pattern  and the Day To Night Pattern.

Its quite easy and just a simple style change just in case you may need a simple fitted dress with gorgeous sleeves!



The first thing I did was trace out the Bodysuit pattern up to the first “lengthen/ shorten” cut line on the pattern piece.

I did this for both the front and back of the bodysuit pattern. I am using the scoop neck option for my dress. (This blog / style change does not take into consideration the wrap version of the dress).

Next, I placed my Bodysuit pattern on top of my Day/Night pattern aligning at the armholes of the same size (so if you did a medium Puff Sleeve, you are placing it on the Medium Day to Night size line). You will see here that the Day to Night bodice is smaller, do not worry about that, just make sure the armholes are aligned right at the curve noted on the photo.


To trace the rest of your dress, you can now do one of two things:

Cut out a piece of paper long enough to trace the Day/Night pattern and glue/tape it below the Bodysuit pattern piece to get the full length of the dress. The next option is the option I will be using.

Glue the Body suit pattern piece to the Day to Night pattern at the aligned armholes. With this method you will be cutting your Day to Night paper pattern. Why you ask? With projector files now all the rage, I no longer need my paper patterns that I printed long ago. This is a good way to repurpose them instead of just throwing them into the garbage!


Next , from where your Bodysuit pattern piece ends, continue drawing a line straight down towards the Day/Night pattern , until you get to a point where you can connect to the Day/Night pattern, follow the lines to trace to the hem of the dress.

You will notice that the Puff Sleeve Dress is wider than the Day/Night Pattern, just follow the centre fold line of the Puff Sleeve Dress when tracing the center front.



Repeat the steps for the back of the bodice as well.


Follow the sewing directions in the Puff Sleeve Pattern to complete your dress.

Follow the hem directions in the Day/Night Pattern Piece




And that’s it! You now have a great dress to wear!

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Written by: Debbie Ann Groves

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