Create Your Own Raglan Flutter Sleeve

Create Your Own Raglan Flutter Sleeve

Hi everyone! This is me, Manda, again with another blog for you.

I love the dreamy look of a flutter sleeve. There is something that makes you feel special when you are wearing an outfit with a flutter sleeve. And I love the relaxed look of a raglan dress as well, that is why I thought about adding those two together. But how do you create a flutter sleeve for a raglan pattern? I have figured it out and want to share this with you. 

So today I am going to write about adding a flutter sleeve to a raglan pattern. I have used the dress length of the Going Home Sweater Pattern (you can use the kid's version or adult version or any other raglan pattern). 

Start Tutorial: 

Step 1: Piece your sleeve pattern piece together and use the short sleeve length. 

Step 2: Mark the seam allowance (1/4") at the top of the sleeve. 
Step 3: Draw some lines from the seam allowance line at the top, to the bottom. Try to spread them evenly (as good as you can by eye). 
Step 4: Cut these lines, but stop at the seam allowance line that you have drafted at the top. This will cause the pattern piece to still fit and create a normal neckline. 
Step 5: Lay a sheet of paper under the pattern piece and start by spreading the two outer parts as far as possible to the outside. The top curve should remain the same shape. Tape them to the paper. Spread the rest of the parts in a way that creates a round curve at the bottom, and tape them to the paper as well. 

Step 6: Outline the pattern piece at the paper that lies underneath and if you own a curved ruler, use this to create a nice bottom curve. If you don't own this ruler you can use something else dat has a curve. 

Step 7: Now the shape of the new flutter sleeve will show. Take the original pattern piece off, transfer the front marking and cut out your new pattern piece. 

Step 8: Cut your sleeve twice and make sure to mirror them. Don't forget to mark the front end of the sleeve at your fabric. 

You can sew up the Going Home Dress or Sweater per instructions, and you can choose to hem the sleeves (fold over 1/2" to the inside) or leave them raw. I have left them raw, because the sleeve "flutters" prettier then when it is hemmed. 

Et voila: Now you have created a raglan dress with flutter sleeves!!

My daugther felt so special in this dress! She calls it her angel dress <3.

She insisted on doing her own hair for the picture. Well, didn't she do a great job? It looks very avant garde :). 

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and that it has inspired you to try this modification yourself!

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