Everyday Tee Pleat Hack

Everyday Tee Pleat Hack

Hi Everyone! Today I’m going to show you a really simple modification you can do to the Everyday Tee to create a whole different look. I love dressing up tee shirt patterns by making them out of dressier fabrics, like lightweight sweater knits, ITY, and other nice drapey fabrics. I wear them to work under cardigans or just on their own with basic pants or a simple skirt, and I think it’s a classy look. I love the fit and ease of sewing of the Everyday Tee so I came up with this hack to dress this one up a bit. Here’s how you can achieve this look!

First, place your front bodice piece two inches away from the fold. Cut out your front bodice piece.

Next, mark the center of your bodice with a pin or other marking tool.

Then, measure two inches on each side of the front mark and place two other pins/marks.

Take the fabric marked with the pin on the left side and carefully fold it so you can place it directly over the pin in the front center. Be careful to fold evenly down the front of the bodice – you are creating a pleat of sorts.

Repeat this with the pin on the right side.

Your front bodice should now look like this.

Being VERY careful not to lose your pleats, baste over the pleats to lock them into place.

That’s it! When you add your neckband, be very careful not to create any puckers in the front and stitch very slowly over this area so you can ensure everything is caught properly and straight. I highly recommend you baste your neckband on before finishing or serging.

I think this creates a whole new look for one of our tried and true/TNT Ellie & Mac patterns. I hope you enjoyed this hack!

Andrea @happy.things.here (formerly sewnsilly!)

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