Oversized Tee Hack

Oversized Tee Hack

My teen daughter recently sent me a link to this super cute version of a crop top with ruching side straps (see inspo pic below!) and begged me to buy it for her. As typical, I got major eyerolls when I suggested that I could easily make one for her.

Naturally, I decided to take on the challenge and see if I could craft a top that would get her to admit that I’m actually way cooler than she thinks I am. So here it is! 

I started with the Oversized Tee pattern which already has a ton of cute options! (Affiliate link listed below)
Oversized Tee Pattern 

Not much needed to be changed and it turned out to be a really easy hack! So how did I do it? Let’s look! 

In addition to cutting out the front and back pieces*, the crew neckband, and the sleeves as directed in the pattern, I cut 2 strap pieces about **14” long and 1” wide which I then yanked and pulled on a bit to stretch long and skinny for the side straps. 

*I added an inch and a half of length to the long crop version of the bodice pieces. I wanted a crop that would have lots of ruching but not end up too short, so this was perfect for me. If you want shorter or longer you could choose a different cut line on the pattern.  

**this is a size XS so if you make a larger size, or longer crop, you may want to add length to the straps. 
If you wanted to be really fancy you could fold a strap piece RST the long way, sew along the long edge and turn it right side out using your favorite turning tool, but I personally love the kind of raw look of the rough piece just stretched out. 

Next, I sewed across both of the shoulders, with front and back pieces RST per the pattern instructions. 

Then I folded the bottom of the front and back pieces WST ½” and sewed them, creating the bottom hem. You will want to do this before you sew the side pieces! It’ll be important in the next step! 

Instead of using my serger to sew the sides together, I made a slight adjustment here. I used a sewing machine to sew the sides with a ½” seam allowance. I then opened up the seam pieces and sewed each WST to make these little tubes (I believe the proper term is, tunnels) that I could then thread the straps through!  

Up one side and down the other!

If you haven’t finished the ends of the straps and are leaving them raw like me, you could choose to tie knots at the end here. 

Next, I added the sleeves by folding both RST and sewing the short edge. Then turning it right side out and inserting the sleeve into the bodice RST and sewing around the armscye.

(Place sleeve like the above picture and insert it inside the arm hole of the inside out top. Then sew around the arm hole!) 

I did it this way so I could catch the top of the side straps which will hold them in place and keep them from being yanked out. 

I finished up by hemming the sleeves and adding the neckband per the pattern instructions and, boom baby! Crop Tee with super cute side straps! Even better than the inspiration if you ask me!

I mean, my daughter still went and bought the other one but…that’s just teenagers for you, right?
(Written by: Jenn Gowett)

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