Magical Princess Costume Sewing Pattern Hacks

Have you every dreamt of creating a magical princess costume?  Maybe your little one wants you to make matching dresses or perhaps you have an upcoming trip to a magical theme park!  No matter the reason, this blog will give you some easy modifications to our patterns that you can use to make the princess dress of your dreams. 

 Snow White Sewing Pattern  Snow White Sewing Pattern

Snow White Sewing Pattern Snow white pattern

Snow White: Pattern Used: Dashing Dress Pattern

  • Lengthen the collar or add interfacing to make it stand up at the back
  • Add height to the sleeve cap (the part that sews around the shoulder) to add some gathering
  • Widen the bottom of the sleeve by about 2.5 inches to add two pleats
  • Measure your bicep and cut two sleeve bands 2" tall by the bicep circumference width
  • Suggest to put shoulder pads in the sleeves
  • Use heat transfer vinyl, embroidery, or applique red trim on the sleeves and/or bodice. Download our princess file for free here.
  • Lengthen the gathered skirt to maxi length

Rapunzel Sewing Pattern Rapunzel Costume Sewing Pattern

Rapunzel Sewing Pattern Costume

Rapunzel: Pattern Used: Dashing Dress Pattern

  • Lower the waistline for a longer bodice
  • Add a neckband instead of using a collar. 
  • Cut the band 1.75" tall x 87% of the neckline circumference
  • Optional - instead of a neckband, line the bodice and sandwich lace in the neckline
  • Add height to the sleeve cap to be able to gather it to the bodice
  • Widen the sleeve for a more puffy effect
  • Add lace between the bodice and skirt
  • Lengthen the gathered skirt
  • Add lace to the skirt hem
  • Optional - add lace and ribbon details to the bodice and skirt
  • Optional - add a corset-style vest: use the bodice pattern piece for the shape to cut. Wrap a scrap strip of fabric around your body first to make sure it will fit, then add button holes for the front and add two wide straps to go over your shoulders.
    Download our princess file for free here.

Elsa Costume Sewing Pattern 

Elsa: Pattern Used: Be Graceful Dress Pattern 

  • Color-block the bodice with an arched curve
  • Add tulle for a cape look

Elsa Sewing Pattern 

Cinderella Sewing Pattern Cinderella Sewing Pattern

Cinderella: Pattern Used: True Beauty Dress Pattern

  • Add a removable band at the waist with a tulle skirt overlay
  • Length skirt to maxi length
  • Wear a black choker necklace

Tiana Costume Sewing Pattern Tiana Sewing Pattern

Tiana: Pattern Used: True Beauty Dress Pattern

  • Add a detachable yellow maxi skirt to wear under a knee-length green dress
  • Add a sheer 

Anna Sewing Pattern Costume Anna Sewing Pattern

Anna: Pattern Used: Dashing Dress

  • Use the gathered skirt option instead of the circle skirt
  • Add 4 inches for it to go below the knee
  • Use a neckband instead of the collar
  • Cut neckband 1.75" tall by 87% of the neckline circumference
  • Add a heat transfer vinyl or embroidery on the bodice and/or skirt. You can download ours for free here or find your own online:
    Princess Heat Transfer File 3 SVG
    Princess Heat Transfer File 4 SVG
    Aurora Sewing Pattern  Aurora Sewing Pattern

Sleeping Beauty Sewing Pattern

Aurora: Pattern Used: Be Graceful Dress Pattern

  • Optional: color-block the skirt and add a collar (self drafted using the dashing dress collar as an example)
  • Add a seam in the front and back bodice and two darts on the front bodice
  • Add some vintage crochet lace trim to the hem to make it look like the slip/petticoat under Aurora’s dress
  • Use knee length skirt lining and add a sheer overlay skirt in maxi length and use sheer fabric for the sleeves

Belle Dress Sewing Pattern Belle Sewing PatternBelle Dress Costume Sewing Pattern Belle Dress Sewing Pattern

Belle: Pattern Used: True Beauty Pattern

  • Add a neckband from off the shoulder romper and make larger, so it will fold over
  • Hand gather the center front bodice neckband and add decorative buttons 
  • Add hand gathers around the hem every 6 inches and sew beads at each gather
  • Ruch on the front bodice with a little button at the neckline

Merida Sewing Pattern Merida Costume Sewing Pattern

Merida: Pattern Used: Be Graceful Dress Pattern

 Ariel Costume Sewing Pattern Ariel Sewing Pattern

Ariel: Pattern Used: Off-Shoulder Romper Pattern

  • Reverse appliqué shells to the bodice using a shell pattern clip art from the internet enlarged on a printer
  • Use heat transfer vinyl or an applique to add to the bodice.  You can download our free file here or find your own online
  • Add a seaweed belt made from scraps of fabric. Stuff waist part of belt with foam to make it stiff; for the ties on the belt, cut spirals or flounces with pinking shears, leave edges raw, and hand stitch some spiral flounces to the knee of the pant legs