Adding a Waistband Pocket to the Not So Basic Pants

Adding a Waistband Pocket to the Not So Basic Pants

Hi Friends! I am really excited about this hack! When the Not So Basic Pants pattern was being shared all over the world, I loved them. I mean, they are cute, several options, and look so incredibly comfortable. However, I need pockets in my life. Since these cute pants didn’t have that as an option, I decided to add my own and wanted to share with you just how I did that. These pants do not have a side seam which I actually love. This does require a little bit of a switch from my normal pocket add-on. This time, we are adding it from the waistband.

Step 1: Go ahead and print your pattern as normal, grading where needed. Please note that instead of the waistband being cut on the fold, I added seam allowances and cut 2 pieces. This will make adding the pockets easier. You can sew both crotch seams and legs of your pants now. You can also hem them so you will be finished as soon as you add the pocket!

Step 2: I used my hand to cut out my pocket piece. You can trace around your hand with a marker. Be sure that the ‘Top opening’ of the pocket is straight so it will sew neatly onto the waistband.  Cut 2 mirror image for each pocket. You will need 2 pairs of pockets to make your pants like mine. Adjust the size for your needs.

Step 3:

Now we need to place our pockets on the waistband and pants. I measured 1.5 inches from the side seam of the waistband and clipped the pockets right sides together in place. To find placement for the pants, locate the middle of the side waist. To do that, line up the center front and back seams. This will show you the middle of the side. I stuck a clip there as a reminder. Now keep in mind that the waistband will stretch when assembling. I measured over 1 inch from the side seam on the pants for pocket placement. Clip all pockets into place. You can adjust your numbers to your preference and size of pants.

Step 4:

Stitch pockets in place using a serger or stretch stitch.  Now flip the pockets up, press, and topstitch using a decorative or zigzag stitch. Press. Repeat for all pocket pieces.

Step 5: Next sew your short waistband side seams, right sides together, and make your waistband into a circle and then line it up on your pants as usual. The waistband should point down and the pockets should be standing up. Clip in place to secure and stitch around the top of waistband and the pockets. You will notice that you won’t be able to catch the straight edge inside of the waistband behind the pockets. Don’t worry we will address that in next step.

Step 6: Use a needle and thread to whip stitch the area behind the pocket closed. Be sure to only catch a few threads on the ‘pants’ portion so your stitches won’t be seen on the outside. The first photo here shows you where the inside waistband is open.

Step 7: Give your pocket a press and TA DA!! You have a hidden waistband pocket!

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(Written by: Sequoia Bond)

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