How to make decorative belts and sashes

How to make decorative belts and sashes

Hi Readers,  

This is Sequoia from SequoiaLynn Sews and today I wanted to share with you a quick idea for accessorizing your favorite Ellie and Mac dresses, tops, rompers and even pants! Belts are a fun way to jazz things up. As a plus sized apple shape, I struggle to have a defined waist. I need something to give the illusion that I have a waistline so I often use belts and sashes. Today for my blog post, I will teach you how to make a simple sash and a belt.

Let’s start with a sash because they are very easy to do. 

Choose your fabric. For sashes, I tend to stick with a knit fabric because they are fast and I want them to drape well. Most dresses at EAM are made from knits so they work well together. 

Measure your waist and add about 10-15 inches to that number. You can add more or less depending on how long you want your tails to be and if you plan to use a knot or a bow.

Now cut your fabric 4 inches wide by your waist measurement plus the 10-15 inches.

Fold fabric right sides together. Now sew one short end together and the entire long edge together. You can serge or use a stretch stitch. 

Use your favorite tube turner to quickly turn your sash right sides out.

Tuck your raw edges from the open end inward about a half inch and top stitch in place. 

Now you can wear your awesome sash with your favorite outfit!


Sashes not your thing? Let’s make a belt!

You will need woven fabric, woven interfacing and (2) 1 ½ inch D rings.

Choose your fabric. I like to use woven fabrics for belts. You can also use a knit if you use a stronger interfacing. 

Measure your waist and add about 8 inches to that number. 

Now cut your fabric and interfacing 4 inches wide by the waist measurement plus 8 inches. Iron interfacing to fabric according to directions on interfacing. Make sure your iron temperature is correct for the fabric you are using. This will now be referred to as fabric.

Fold the long edges inward towards the middle of the wrong side of the fabric ½ inch and press to make a memory fold. Do this for both long sides of your fabric. Also fold in and press both short ends. Starting with the short end, fold the raw edge inward. Now begin folding your fabric together along the long edge. Be sure your memory folded edges are to the inside and you should only see the pretty outside of your fabric. Clip as you go to hold it in place. When you get to the other short end, tuck the raw edges neatly inside and clip. 

Top stitch around all four sides of your fabric. You can use a matching thread or a contrasting one. I like to use the inside of my presser foot as a guide to keep my lines semi straight. 

Next, loop your top stitched fabric through the flat sides of your D rings. You will overlap about 1 1/2 inches and top stitch the tail of your loop in place. You will make several rows of stitches back and forth to secure the D rings. 

Ta-Da! You you have a belt!

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