Beautifying a Shared Craft Space

Beautifying a Shared Craft Space

Hey friends, I’m here today to share with you a recent project that I undertook, which was to beautify my craft space. I, as many of us do, share my craft space. All of my craft and sewing supplies are squished in to our spare bedroom, where my family comes to stay when they come to town! So needless to say, I want to keep the room looking nice for when company drops in!

Now regardless of your current storage situation, there are always steps you can take to organize and beautify your space. For this project, I used my Cricut Maker machine for a lot of the embellishments, but that isn't to say there aren't tips in here if you are not a Cricut user! If you are a Cricut user, I tried to link everything so it takes you right to it, if you see something you like! So lets get started! 

I am blessed in having a Scrapbox for craft storage, these steps are applicable regardless of your storage. For mine, unfortunately the videos they show you that allow you to open and close the craft box it aren’t really the case for me… This thing would take a crane to close, let alone move! So I wanted to figure out a way to make my storage look prettier as it is. I am also the kind of person that needs to have my things OUT and accessible, So hiding everything away in drawers just isn’t feasible. If things are hidden away, I get them out and inevitably, they never get put away again! 🤣 So on my adventure to create beautiful and usable craft storage, I wanted to make sure that the things I use most often are also easily accessible. Here are the steps that I took!

craft storage box

Step one is the easiest but most time consuming - attempt to mitigate the look of lots of stuff by neutralizing the colors and overall aesthetic.

For me, this meant that with all of the miscellaneous colors shining through the clear storage totes, everything looked busy and overwhelming.  So, I covered everything in Duck brand peel and stick marble laminate. At the time of this post, it’s $5.99 on Amazon. This stuff not only looks awesome, but because it is removable, it is so easy to work with! I measured out the size of the front of my totes and use my Cricut to cut out the vinyl, which helped neutralize the chaos.

craft storage wood titles

Step two is creating labels so you can easily find your stuff!

For this next step, I broke out the new adaptive tools for the Maker machine, the knife blade, and the engraving and debossing tips. (If you are a Cricut user, keep in mind that these tools are specific to the Cricut Maker and incompatible with the Explore machines, primarily because they have a wheel at the top that changes the blade direction making more precise cuts. It is part of the adaptive tool system - read more on those tools and the machine differences here). For a clean look, I knew I wanted big title style labels. I love the aesthetic it creates, and it adds space visually to break up the storage. I cut my titles out of basswood, and the cuts were so clean and perfect that I left the wood raw. No sanding or staining or anything!

Step 3 is to use and repurpose what you have to create accessible storage.

Then I used a few things I had on hand to hold my supplies. I had a thread stand and just used mounting tape to secure it to the wall.

thread storage

I had command hooks from Christmas decorating, so I used those to hang my rotary tools.

sewing tools

Step 4, if you need to, is to create storage solutions for items you use a lot.

sewing tools needles

I used some black Cricut leather and grey felt to create these tiny books, and I love how perfectly they fit and look super classy! To keep the subtitles subtle, I used the engraving tool to engrave on aluminum sheets, and adhered two wonder clips to hold the tiny books. 

small book with sewing needles

My last titled section, "pin", I simply added a magnet to the back of my pin box so that it could be out-of-the-way but still right there when I need it. 

pin box sewing tools

Step five - continue these steps throughout your storage space!

My center storage is a combination of thrifted storage and notions boxes that I recovered with the same marble vinyl.

thrifted storage

I wanted to keep a continuous look throughout, so created faux metal tags for the center storage, unifying the overall look. The metallic poster board looks similar to the metal plates, but being poster board instead, I could cut through it so I was able to customize the size of my tags. Then I used the debossing tip to faux engrave titles on them. Of course, my notions boxes are covered in marble vinyl too!

thread storage box

I know I can't be the only one that feels buried in the mess and it creates a mental block for my creativity. I hope this walkthrough gave you some ideas on how to organize and beautify your space, making a warm and welcoming place that allows you to be your most creative self! 

Until next time my friends, stay crafty!
Sonia, @mamascraftroom





This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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