Her First Sewing Machine! - How Did That Go?

Her First Sewing Machine! - How Did That Go?

Christmas at my home was a relaxing, cheerful time. We shared our favorite holiday foods, reminisced about past memories, and exchanged gifts as a family. One exciting moment was when my youngest daughter unwrapped her first sewing machine. Paper was shredded, shrieks were heard, and a new sewist was born. Makayah surprised me this fall when she added a sewing machine to her Christmas wish list. My kids have played around with my sewing hobby a little here and there, but she seemed the least interested. I decided now was as good of a time as any to let her have a go at it.

Short Video posted on Instagram right before Christmas.

Our first lesson was learning how to thread the machine and operate it. We discussed what the bobbin was for, tension, stitch options, and the importance of ensuring your needle was in your fabric before beginning to sew.

She practiced sewing some straight lines on a piece of felt, and I could see her face light up with pride as she saw her wonky lines get straighter as she kept practicing.

Short Video posted on Instagram showing Makayah's first project.

She decided to make the Baking Fun Apron Pattern for her first project. I showed her how to print out her pattern, assemble the pieces, and cut it out. After that, we were off to the fabric store to browse the selections and find just the right one. She fell in love with a bright sunflower print and paired it with a solid yellow for the pockets and straps. Sewing the apron took only a few hours, and she did a fabulous job.

There were moments when the straight stitches got a little wonky, but I was impressed by how quickly she picked it up. She was pretty proud of herself and ready to use her new apron to make delicious chocolate donuts.

We worked together to make a Valentine's Day-themed Charming Plush Gnome. It was so much fun using scraps from other projects to create an adorable stuffy. She keeps it on her bed and enjoys showing all of her friends.

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We are eying at the new Sweet Heart Pillow Pattern for our next project. I am so excited to continue to sew with her and will keep you updated on our progress!

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