Get Your SewJo(y) Back!

Get Your SewJo(y) Back!

It has happened to many of us sewists. We were truly enjoying the process of creating, sewing, buying patterns and fabrics, but all the sudden we just do not seem as interested in sewing. It is what we called “losing our sewjo” and we may experience some difficulty gaining our love for sewing again. We may feel frustrated and cannot seem to comprehend what happened to our enthusiasm for sewing. There are many reasons why it happens, maybe burned out, feeling tired, stress but whatever the reason we do not seem to find a way to get our sewing mojo back. In this blog I wrote six tips that can help you regain your love for sewing.

 1. Give it a Break!
Yes! Take a break from sewing. It may be what you need. I give myself a week or two without even going into my sewing room or thinking about what I want to sew next. Sometimes your body is trying to tell you that you need to recharge. It seems that after that week or two that I take a break from sewing I miss it again and I want to go back.
2. Clean your Sewing Space
Take some time to clean, organize, rearrange furniture, and declutter your sewing room. It may also be the right time to evaluate your sewing space and think about ways to make it more practical or more functional for you. There is a great feeling of accomplishment that comes with having a nice, clean and organized sewing space. In the process of cleaning you may discover some new fabrics that inspire you or maybe rediscover that sewing pattern that you always wanted to make.
3. Pick Up a Challenging Sewing Project
I remembered the last time I lost my sewjo and inspiration. I just felt like I had made it all (even though it is not nearly the truth) While cleaning my sewing room I found this pattern that I have been wanting to make for a while. I just never gave it a go because I found it challenging. After losing my energy for sewing this pattern made me go back to challenge myself and finally made it. It really worked.
4. Do the Opposite of a Challenge
Take on a very easy and satisfying project. There is always this sewing project that we like doing because it turns out well every single time and we enjoy seeing the results. There is also many free and easy patterns on the Ellie and Mac Site. Some of my favorites are the Hair Scrunchies, Ear Warmer Headband, and the Curved Hem Pocket Tank.
5. Sign Up For Something!
If you are a pattern tester sign up to test a pattern or if you strike for a fabric company sign up to sew some fabric.

I find that deadlines for tests or fabric strikes pushes me to “get it done” I know they rely on me to deliver some final photos of the fabric or pattern. I do my best to provide the best photos and garments. This process gets me back into sewing.
 6. Agree to Sew for Someone
Tell a family member, friend or any special person that you are sewing something for them. Once I tell that someone I am making something for them they are expecting it. Knowing that there is that expectation of me to complete a sewing project really pushes me to get back to my sewing room and make it happen for them.

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you had lost your sewing mojo how did you get it back? Share with us over at the Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns Group on Facebook!

Erika Jessen @queenbeesew





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