How to Color Block the Baking Fun Apron

How to Color Block the Baking Fun Apron


Today I am sharing with you my latest Ellie and Mac sew, the apron from the Baking Fun Pattern: Apron & Oven Mitt pattern found here  (#aff)

I made the Apron for my mom and could not resist the opportunity to color block it. After each project I end up with small fabric pieces that have turned into a large pile . I find it so hard to do away with them. Individually, each scrap piece is useless but this pattern hack will change all of that! So, if you are in the same predicament as I am, let us use up some of these fabrics in this “scraptastic” pattern sewing adventure!

The pattern can be found here if you do not already have it - (#aff)

Print or project the size you are going to sew.

Next, locate the fabric scraps that you want to use. To get an idea of how big your fabric scraps need to be, I measured the height and width of the apron pattern piece.

Deep dive into the scrap bin and let us see what you come up with. This is what I found. By standing alone the fabrics is so uninspiring, but let us see how it works out.

Pin the fabrics together along the long edges and start sewing. Check that you have a big enough piece to complete your project.

You should now have this - your new personally designed, one of a kind fabric !!

Press your seams downwards.

Fold your fabric in half and position the pattern on the fabric the best way you see fit ensuring it is up against the fold. Pin to secure.

Cut out the fabric. You should now have your first sign of an apron appearing!

For the pockets, I also sewed fabrics together, but this time I turned them vertically. You will cut out two pockets out of your colour blocked fabric.

You also will need to cut out two lining pieces. These can be out of any fabric, and does not have to be colour blocked, since they will not be seen.

Now that you have all the apron and pocket pieces, follow the instructions to make your neck and side ties and continue with the pattern instructions to put the entire apron together.

Next, share with us in the FB group so we can all see your creation!

Here is my version of the apron!


(Written by Debbie Groves)

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