Color blocking with Anticipation

Color blocking with Anticipation

Anticipation- is excitement, waiting eagerly for something you know is going to happen. -Dictionary

I can not say enough about this amazing pattern. It’s a bodycon style that is flattering on any figure. I tested this pattern and I am totally loving all the versatility there is to it. Between my daughter and I we have 6 Anticipations thus far. That’s how you know you love a pattern when you can’t stop making it over and over...knowing it’s going to be amazing each time.

I came up with a color blocking hack to the Anticipation Dress newly released, that in my opinion is pretty Epic! Not to mention the ways to color block are endless and perfect for all those leftover edge pieces of fabric. For this hack, I will be showing you a tutorial of how to colorblock vertically.

 For inspiration, take a look at the photo below.

First things first, print and assemble the  pattern. Be sure to grade and lengthen as needed.

Now pick 3 colors or prints that coordinate well.

Plan your colorblock as you wish, for this tutorial I will show you how to do a vertical colorblock.

FIRST STEP: Looking at the FRONT DRESS piece of your pattern, place right side down (PRINT SIDE DOWN), place that onto the desired main fabric. The fabric you wish to make a statement with,  in my scenario my daughter had chosen stripes. Cut fabric NOT on fold. Cut using rotary tool or scissors. Place fabric aside, and create the back piece by using the same pattern piece, Yes that’s right we will be using the FRONT DRESS pattern piece for the back as well. This time cut on fold. Cut sleeve using main fabric.

SECOND STEP: Flip FRONT DRESS Pattern piece upright (Print Right Side Up), from the fold line using a ruler, measure across 5” inches alongside the bottom of pattern piece, mark with a pen. Continue marking vertically all the way to the shoulder seam.

THIRD STEP: Using fabric ruler adjoin the lines and use a rotary cutter or scissors to cut up that marked line. You should now have 2 pieces.

Place the pattern piece onto your coordinating fabric #1, This will be the inner vertical stripe, Do the same for the last coordinate piece and this will be the outer vertical stripe that adjoins to the side seam.

FOURTH STEP: Clip or pin inner coordinate right sides together to the main front, and sew. Unfold and press, top stitch if desired.

Repeat for coordinate #2, topstitch if desired.

Cut sleeve using coordinate #2

FIFTH STEP:  Place back and front pieces right sides together and sew shoulder seam.

Attach sleeves.

Sew the sides right sides together.

FINAL STEP:  Cut neckband using the ratio of neck opening x .85, 

Attach neckband and hem. I like to use a 1” hem.

You Did It!!!! Colorblocked and ready to wear. 

I hope you really enjoyed my spin on the Anticipation dress, I can’t wait to see your color blocked version.


(Written by Stephanie Tharp)

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