Back to School with EAM 2019

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Soon the kiddos will be back in school.  Hard to believe that about this time last year I was writing a similar back to school post.  Now, my kiddo is about to start Kindergarten!!! Time needs to slow down. She is growing too fast, literally.  She went up 2 shoe sizes and 1 dress size in a year. Long gone are the days she could wear her clothes for 2 years.  I spent part of the summer cutting her leggings and turning them into capris and shorts. Back to business, here is my list of favorites for this upcoming year.

First up, we have the Be Smart Jumper.  It has 2 options, a high-waist with a longer skirt and a low-waist with a skirt just above the knees.  My favorite is the low-waist one. The twirl factor on this jumper is amazing!! I dare you to find any little girl (even an adult) that would not love it.  Just make sure she has shorts underneath. Pair it up a simple top and sneakers (we love converse for dresses/skirts) and you have a pretty, yet casual school outfit.  Hopefully, the twirling would not be too distracting haha.

Second, the Cold Shoulder Tunic is one of my new favorites.  Girls are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts to school.  However, the cold shoulder shirt is fine. I love that it has 2 hem options.  The ruffled one is super cute, but if I do not feel like doing ruffles, I can just do a simple hem.   There is a long sleeve option as well for all year round wear. Your daughter will be very fashionable and trendy in her stylish tunic. 

Third, we have Game Time Hoodie. This hoodie is super comfy.  There are a short sleeve and long sleeve option.  My kiddo is all about hoodies as of late. She has even asked me to add hoodies to some of her favorite store-bought tops!!  The long sleeve version has a thumbhole option, she loves that too haha. It is definitely a go-to for the cooler months here in Florida.  The short sleeves work great for the warmer weather and keeping the hoodie she loves. Have fun with it, add different color sleeves or some fun HTV and make your kiddo’s hoodie even more unique.

Lastly, the Chapman Cardigan is the perfect addition to any outfit.  It works great for fall or spring. Here in Florida, even works for early winter.  You can even add buttons or snaps. I personally like the no button look. There is also a sleeveless option that works great with long sleeve tops.  So many styling options!!

Well, there you have it, my top 4 picks for the upcoming school year.  Wishing you and your kiddos a fantastic 2019-2020 school year, may they learn and discover news things.  Hope to see your back to school posts in the EAM Facebook group.  

Happy sewing!

Written by:  Maggie Bernabe