How to Sew Nice Pockets

Hi, here I am again, Marieke.

This time I want to show you how to sew nice pockets in your dress, pants, skirt and so on.

I often read comments from people that they avoid adding pockets because they are sticking out, too thick and so on. I think that’s a shame. It isn't hard at all when you know how, so...Let’s get started.

1. This way is meant for all kind of fabrics and has to be been sewed with your regular sewing machine. When you sew with wovens, make sure you have finished all the edges before you start. So, pin your pockets on the marked points and sew on by using less seam allowance then is given.

2. Press the seam allowance to the pockets.

3. Topstitch from the right side as close as possible to the seam on the pocket parts.

4. Pin or clip the other part with pocket on each other, and make sure the corners are matching.

5. Now your sewing it together, start at the top and what you do now is using the regular seam allowance and make sure to stitch a couple of stitches further than the stitch line from adding the pockets. The blue line is the old one, the red line is the line you are sewing now.

6. Stop sewing, leave your needle in your garment and pivoting. Continue sewing and sew the pocket parts together. Make sure, the seam allowance stays towards the pockets!

7. Do the same when you are returning: seam allowance towards the pockets, end up a couple of stitches higher then you are attaching stitch line. Leave your needle in your garment while turning your garment. Continue sewing.

8. Press the seam allowance open to the pockets and give everything a good press.

9. Your pocket is looking like this now. Nice flat and hidden.

I really hope you aren’t afraid of pockets anymore because we need pockets in our life! 

And when you have any question, just ask! Please show me your pockets on our Facebook Group.

(Written by Marieke de Jonge)

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