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Sewing Workout Clothes That Rock

Sewing Workout Clothes That Rock

Hi, it's Kendall here again (I did the joggers “sew-a-long” post). I was racking my brain to figure out which of the awesome Ellie and Mac patterns to sew up next. I had a few thoughts, but nothing felt right. Then, my husband found a used squat rack, weights, bar, and bench. I thought, “I’d better make myself some new workout clothes to go with the exercise equipment!”

Then came the decision of which patterns to make into the clothes. Urban Legs were a given. I’m partial to full length leggings. So I picked up a yard of legging fabric from the new exercise line at JoAnn’s. While I was there, they had this beautiful blue mesh fabric. I thought maybe I could get a shirt and a panel for the leggings out of it. Finally, I got some black power mesh to use with my swim fabric to make into a bikini top/sports bra.

I fully intended to use the full yard of legging fabric to make a consistent pair of leggings. However, I was beginning to learn why I shouldn’t sew late at night without coffee…. I cut both legs the same way, so I had two right legs! Instead, I had to find some other fabric for the left leg. Turns out I had this cute adult cotton lycra panel with a manatee on it!! I think I like this way better. Plus now I have another, unpaired right leg that will get to be paired with another panel, yet to be found. I measured my inseam and my leg at the thigh and calf to get the best fit. I cut the pants shorter and tapered the leggings in at the thighs. I also picked the high waistband.

Workout Clothes Sewing Tutorial for Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

The next lesson from sewing without coffee, trying the pocket. I had it cut and was trying to sew the hem up when my sewing machine decided to eat the entire corner. I’m talking it went through the feed dogs and was wrapped around the bobbin! I decided it was not meant to be. So I continued on with my slightly shortened, accidentally different fabric, high-waisted Urban Legs.

Workout Tutorial Sewing Patterns

For the mesh, I decided that I would make the loose fit Everyday Tee. This turned out to be perfect! I had just enough fabric in the yard to make the size large. It is sooo soft. This was a really easy sew. I wasn’t sure how the neck binding would do made from the same mesh, but it worked just fine! I also decided to leave the bottom and sleeves unhemmed because I liked the look. I thought it might be too bulky since the mesh is so thin. I tied off my strings at the bottom and cut them off.

Finally, I decided to use the Oasis as my last project! It was my first time sewing with swim fabric and I don’t have a walking foot so I was a little worried. There was more work for the regular machine compared to the serger. I had a very pretty plain, bright pink from Aurora Design Fabrics. It is beautiful, even though I was hoping to pair it with a print. However, I found the PERFECT thread to use! It was a metallic, variegated turquoise and pink thread. This helped tie it into the shirt and leggings and gave the plain fabric the perfect amount of pizazz. I went with the string back because I wanted to be able to wear it as a swimsuit top as well, and I want it to last forever, so I figured the strings/straps were my best option to not stretch out.

Sewing Workout Clothes that rock

Sewing Workout Clothes that Rock

Overall, I LOVE my workout set! Everything fits great (and my hubby loves the mesh shirt). He also preferred the different manatee leg on the leggings!

Sewing Workout Clothes that Rock!

Don’t delay in adding these patterns to your collection  :D

Sewing Workout Clothes that Rock

Sewing Workout Clothes that Rock

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