Urban Leg's Hack: Flared Leggings

Urban Leg's Hack: Flared Leggings

I am in my postpartum time and I needed some new pants/leggings. So I came with the idea to hack this pattern into flared leggings. I made two different sizes of flare/height of flare. I will show you how I did the black version. The flared black version is more to the ground. And the gold version is more higher flared.

What do you need:

  1. Urban Leg's Pattern
  2. Scissors
  3. Pencil/pen
  4. Paper
  5. Knit/stretch fabric
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Ruler
  8. Sewing machine (or Serger)

Let 's start!

First make sure you have the Urban leggings pattern. Like the picture above.

You have to put the pattern piece on top of each other. (see above)

And then cut it in half so that you have two pattern pieces. 

First you need to measure your knee length or what you can do is put the pattern piece up against your leg and locate your knee. Don't forget to write down the size of your knee height. 

Then you trace down the pattern piece. You will do this for both pattern pieces back and front.

Mine was about 47 cm. I added also for the bottom 5 inch. If you are taller you can add more. To both sides I added 10 cm. (If you want more flare add more cm or inch to it.) See above what it should look like. When both pattern pieces are ready you can cut the pattern out.

Now you have 2 pattern pieces.

Place the front piece pattern on the fabric and do the same with the back pattern piece.

Now you have 4 pattern pieces. 2 front and 2 back pieces.

Take a 1 front and 1 back pattern piece, sew. Do the same for the other two front and back pattern piece.

See the picture down below. The front and the back piece should look like one piece.

 After you sew both pattern pieces together, then you can finish the legging. Follow the directions from Urban Legging Pattern. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my blogpost. Thanks for using my affiliate link.

You can also tag me on IG when you used this hack. Love too see your version of the flared leggings!

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(Written by: Reginala Merselina-Isidora) 

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