Create a Retro Look with Ellie and Mac

Create a Retro Look with Ellie and Mac

Did you know you can easily recreate a retro look, using Ellie and Mac patterns with only minor adjustments? Let me show you!


Of course, if you are going for a retro look, some retro fabrics are a big help.
Personally, I loved this look, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to try and make it.


The inspiration look is from and I liked the look of the (faux)pleather legging, even though it’s completely out of my comfort zone. I also love a shirt with a turtleneck.

So I went through the Ellie and Mac catalog, looking for patterns that could help me out on my quest.
For the pants, I ended up printing the Good Vibes Joggers as a base. And to recreate a tight-fitting top, I chose the Day To Night Top. Let me show you how I adjusted them!

Good Vibes Joggers 

I found a stretchy faux leather fabric that was perfect for the occasion!
Vegan leather metallic black | €8.95 - Driessen Stoffen (Not an affiliate link)

I printed the Good Vibes Joggers pattern, sizes S and M. For the legs, I was using S, for the hips M and form my waist size S. I made the elastic waist.
I lengthened the trouser leg with the length of the legband, which I left off, to create the look of a legging or pants, instead of joggers. I have made no further adjustments.

Top Number One
For the Top I used the Day to Night Top
I printed the Day to Night Top size S and M. I made size S, but graded it to M at the hips.

I used a punta jersey that only has a stretch in the width. It’s not available anymore.
Then I lengthened the top by an inch after my first try, because I like it to be a little longer. The sleeves received an inch of extra for the same reason.

The only real adjustment I had to make was to adjust the neckband, to create the turtle neck.

On my first try, I took the pattern piece of the neckband, kept the length and adjusted the width to 15 centimeters (5.9 inch). 


I attached it like you would with a regular neckband: fold widthwise, good sides together and sew the width. Then turn the good side out, and fold lengthwise, wrong sides together. Divide into quarters. Divide the neckline on your garment into quarters. Pin the neckband to the top, with the good sides together. Sew.

Retro look: check!

Top Number Two
When fitting my top, I found the turtleneck collar was sitting a little loose, so I made a second top.
The fabric I used, was a tricot viscose: Tricot viscose 15100/37 | €4 - Driessen Stoffen (Not an

I adjusted the collar as following:

  1. Cutting the adjusted neckband.

  1. Fold widthwise, good sides together

  1. Fold lengthwise, making sure the width raw edges match nicely.

  1. Make a mark 1 cm (3/8inch) away from the width of the raw edge.

5. Draw a line from your mark to the corner on the opposite.

6. Cut and sew, thus closing the neckband.

7. Turn the neckband inside out, so that the good side is on the outside. You can now attach it to the top as you would normally do.

You can make it even more fitting, but be sure your head keeps fitting through the opening! So you have to take into account the stretch factor of your fabric.


I say: retro look using Ellie and Mac patterns, mission accomplished!

 (Written by: Deborah Ingelrelst)
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