Turn the Be Rad Hoodie into a Dino Sweater!

Hi everyone,

I'm Lesley alias Frullemieke from the blog https://frullemieke.blogspot.com and this is my first time as EAM Blogger, so exciting!

I'm going to blog about my latest creation for the youngest son: a dinosaur sweater that I made of The Be Rad Hoodie pattern, I’m gonna tell you how I did this so that you also can make such a cool sweater for your son or daughter ;-)

1. Print and tape the pattern and cut out the pieces.

2. Take the pattern piece of the hood and the back bodice, put against each other and measure this whole piece to make a pattern for the spines

3. Make the pattern piece for the spines.

4. Cut out the pattern pieces in fabric, but don’t cut the back bodice on fold and add seam allowance.

5. Sew the spines and give clip corners so the edges will be crisp when turned.

6. Sew the hood.

7. Sew the shoulders.

8. Sew the hood to the bodice.

9. Pin the spikes on the bodice.

10. Lay the other piece on top and sew.

11. This is the result.

12. From now on, you can go further with the tutorial that came with the pattern.

You did it!
And now you can enjoy that happy little face in that new sweater!

 Would you like to see more creations from me?

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