Tiered Dress Hack

Tiered Dress Hack

The I love the 90s Dress is one of my absolute favorite patterns. I love the curved front bodice and gathered skirt. I feel comfy and fabulous in all the ones I've made. 

One day….while looking at pics of one of them...I got this wild idea to put a second tier to the dress. After posting the pic in the FB group and getting a lot of positive feedback I figured “what the heck...write the hack up in a blog post”.....and here you are folks. Steps to hack the I love the 90s Dress into a 2 tiered dress. 

1.   Measure approximately halfway down the side of your skirt piece. This is really a personal preference. My examples are halfway down but maybe you want your bottom tier smaller…..totally up to you.

2.   Next I copied the curve of the top of the skirt piece. Again, this was my personal preference. You could easily cut it straight across. I liked copying the arc just for consistency. Remember the front and back have different curves so keep that in mind when you go to copy it.

3.   You will now cut along the line you just drew. You’ll need to add seam allowance to both sides of this cut. This can be done by retracing the piece adding it or you can be a rebel like me and make a note on the pattern piece and remember when cutting out fabric...hehehe

4.  The top piece of the skirt is now ready to go. The next step will explain how to add width to the bottom of the skirt piece for the second tier.

5.   Measure across the width of this bottom skirt piece and multiply that by 1.5. If it measures 16 then your final width will need to be 24. Take the difference, in this case 6 inches and add that in 2 places to the skirt. So in our example it would be 3 inches in each spot.  This is done by cutting 2 separate lines (like cutting it into thirds) and spreading it the 3 inches you figured out earlier. Now redraw your top curve, smoothing it out over those added sections. (The bottom will just be cut straight across.)

6.   With all your new pieces cut out you can assemble just as instructed in the pattern. The only change is gathering the lower skirt tier first and attaching it to the upper skirt. After that it’s just like the pattern. 

Note: I like to use clips down my side seams to make sure my waist seam and tiers match up. Again….personal preference...a lot of people like to wing it. 

And that’s all folks! Now go make a smashingly gorgeous I love the 90s dress with a fun extra tier. 

(written by: Sam Hardcastle)

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