How To Make The Stay Cozy Cardigan Reversible

How To Make The Stay Cozy Cardigan Reversible

Hi, this is Manda again! In this blog I am going to show you how to make a cardigan reversible. I am working with the Stay Cozy Jacket (Kid's Version or Adult's Version). I am using the kid's version today, since that one is easier to take pictures of.

The Stay Cozy Jacket is an unlined jacket, and a great base to use for sewing your own reversible cardigan. You will just need to cut a few more pattern pieces and wrap your head around making the sleeve cuffs reversible. And that is where this blog come's in handy! Let's start with an example of my finished jacket. I used a cotton lycra fabric for one side, and a very soft, hairy fabric for the other side. 

My daughter loves to feel surrounded by soft fabric, well we succeeded in that lol. 

Time to start with the tutorial!

Step 1: Cut all the required pattern pieces and double the amount for the front (cut 2 mirrored pairs for main & liner fabric), the back (cut main & liner) and the sleeves (cut 2 main & 2 liner).

Step 2: Sew the back, 2 mirrored fronts and the sleeves for the main and liner according to the pattern instructions. It will look like this:

Step 3: Sew the hood outer and the hood inner according to pattern instructions. 

Step 4: Slide the liner sleeve into the main sleeve (liner turned inside out) and line the 2 sleeves up with a clip/pin. This will make sure that your sleeves won't get twisted during the proces of sewing the reversible cuffs. 

Step 5: Take the liner sleeve outside the main sleeve, and make sure they keep connected by the pin/sleeve. Lay the sleeves down on a flat surface the way they need to be sewed, and then disconnect them. 

Step 6: Insert one sleeve cuff (prepared according to the pattern instruction) into the main sleeve, lining up the raw edges of both sleeve and cuff. For a nice result you can line up the side seam of the sleeve with the side seam of the cuff as well. 

This is how is should look. Notice that the main and liner sleeves are still laying down how they should to prevent the sleeves from twisting before you sew them.

Step 7: Fold over the edge of the liner sleeve (just a tad more then the seam allowance of the pattern).

Step 8: Next step is to insert the liner sleeve (with the folded edge) into the main sleeve with the cuff. The raw edge of the folded liner sleeve needs to line up with the raw edges of the cuff/main sleeve. The cuff is now sandwiched between the main sleeve and the folded edge of the liner sleeve. 

This is what you see: raw edge main sleeve, two raw edges of the folded cuff, and the raw edge of the liner sleeve. The fabrics of the sleeves are with the right sides together, with the cuff in between. 

Step 9: Sew the sleeves and the cuff together on your sewing machine or serger. 

Step 10: This is what you how your pieces will look now, the bodice and the hood inner/outer. You will now insert the hood inner/outer (right sides visible) into the bodice (wrong sides visible) carefully lining up all layers of fabric and pin them together. Sew the pieces together, and leave a gap (about 3 inches) somewhere in this seam. You will use this gap to turn your fabric in the last step. 

Step 11: Turn the cardigan with the right sides out using the open gap. Then close the gap with some hand stitching. The ladder stitch is an excellent stitch to use for closing gabs. 

And TADAAAAA now you have your own reversible Stay Cozy Jacket! 

I would love to see your reversible jackets! You can post them in the Ellie & Mac Facebook Group

(written by: Manda Hoogstra-Rademaker, this blog contains affiliate links)

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