The Aubrey Twirl Dress:  An Update Story

The Aubrey Twirl Dress: An Update Story

The Aubrey Twirl Dress Sewing Pattern was one of my very first designs.  I named it lovingly after my first born daughter who just turned 16 this year! I am still reeling from how fast the time has gone.  When I created this pattern,  I had been sewing boutique dresses for a few years but noticed not everyone could afford custom made clothing for their children, myself included.  I wanted to give those that didn't have that type of cash flow or chose to spend it differently the opportunity to make these adorable dresses for their daughters or granddaughters.  I began asking around and figuring out how PDF patterns were created.  It fell into place with a friend whose husband was proficient with Adobe Illustrator and so my journey into pattern making began.   I have learned SO very much since then, and want to bring my older patterns up-to-date with the quality that I offer in my new releases.  We have begun the updating process. 

I will not just be updating and whipping them out for sale, instead, it is a process just like any other pattern I put out that takes nearly a month.  The pattern is drafted to the new no trim pattern pages with layers printing feature, tested by a full panel of awesome testers in each size, new step pictures taken if needed and instructions redone.  Phew, I am tired just reading that.  However, it is necessary to be sure that the update is as amazing as you deserve it to be.  SO....get excited!! Jump up and down if you want, because old is getting a shiny new coat and I always feel better when I finally take time to put on some makeup or get my hair done!  Patterns must feel the same, right?! 

Several patterns have already been updated.  The Be Rad Hoodie Pattern and the Tatum Hoodie Pattern have both been updated and are available in my store.  

I hope that you love all these fun patterns and find your inner genius when using them!

Lindsey Essary

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