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Nursing Hack for Be Graceful Maxi Dress

Nursing Hack for Be Graceful Maxi Dress

Nursing moms love wearing stylish dresses as well and no longer want to be contained to wearing frumpy blouses or HAVING to wear nursing aprons, so they don't expose themselves to the world. That's why I came up with a nursing hack for this beautiful Be Graceful Maxi Dress. Maxi dresses are like the gift from the universe to women that say "Be bold! Be Beautiful! Be Graceful!" I always feel like a goddess when I wear them!

So, this hack is super easy. We're going to add 1 half princess seam on each side and close them up with invisible zippers and Boom!  You'll have easy, discreet access to nurse your little one while looking like the flawless goddess you are.

Be Graceful Nursing Hack


2 Invisible Zippers

1 Invisible Zipper Foot (optional)

1 Zipper Foot (if you aren't using the invisible zipper foot)

The Be Graceful Maxi Dress Pattern

Fabric (yardage depends on your size)


1. Assemble and cut out the pattern per normal.

2. On the front bodice, measure 2.5 inches from where the side seam would be. Draw a line from under the armpit to 2 inches from the bottom of the top.

3. Cut fabric for the top--including the new seam.

4. Install invisible zippers on both sides. Be sure to line them up so they match and don't pull.

5. Finish off zipper like you usually would with a regular zipper.

**If you aren't using thread that matches your fabric, change at this point since the thread will be exposed.

6. Assemble the remaining pieces of the pattern per instructions.

7. Nurse freely.

There you have it! As you can see (or can't see!) when properly installed you can't even tell!

If you have any questions drop them below!


Lindsey Essary

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