Sunshine Leggings Ruffled Bum Hack

Sunshine Leggings Ruffled Bum Hack

Hello there! Kendel here sharing a quick hack to give your Kids Sunshine leggings just a little extra fun!

You can purchase the Sunshine leggings here (afflink).

This hack will work with any length option and I will show elastic waist option in my tutorial but a yoga waistband can also be used. 

Step 1:
First you will print, assemble and cut or project the pattern in your selected size or sizes. Make any rise adjustments or grading that you normally would. 

Step 2:
Choose how you would like your ruffles to be finished. I used a rolled hem on my serger but you can also choose a traditional hem or to leave the edge raw. 

If you have chosen to leave the edge raw or a rolled hem you will use a width of 1.5” for your ruffles. If you have chosen a traditional hem you will use a width of 2.5”. To determine the length of the ruffles I measured the back pattern piece at the yoga band cut line. 

The size 2 measured about 5” across. I doubled that to find the total back width = 10”. I then doubled that to a total of 20” to allow lots of gathers. (if this is too much you can use X1.5 for less gathers) 

In review:

  1. raw or rolled hem the ruffle measurement will be 1.5”X (2x total back width)
  2. For traditional hem 2.5 X (2x total Back width)
  3. You will cut 3 ruffle pieces.

The hard part is over! 

Step 3:
Finish both long edges of all 3 ruffles. Hem allowance will be ½ inch if hemming and no trimming on rolled hem. 

Step 4:
Next you will sew both back pieces together along the center back seam right sides together.

Lay your assembled back piece right side up on the table in front of you. Using a ruler and your favorite marking tool, mark 2” down from the top on the center seam.

Repeat on both side edges. Using your marking tool connect these 3 marks creating a slight curve.

Step 5:
Measure 1.5” down from the first line creating marks at center seam and sides, then connecting the 3, 2 more times for a total of 3 lines. It should look like this.

Step 6:
Using the longest stitch length on your sewing machine, sew a row of gathering stitches down the middle (lengthwise) of the ruffle pieces leaving long tails. Pull the bobbin threads to gather each ruffle to the width of your pants back and evenly space the ruffles. Clip or pin one ruffle, centered on the top line we created earlier on the pants back. 

Step 7:
Using a stretch stitch, (important!!) sew the ruffle to the pants back, making sure that it is centered over the line. (gathering stitch line and line should match up) repeat with the other two ruffles on the other 2 lines. Your pants back should look like this now. 

Remove gathering stitches.

Step 8: 
Sew the 2 front pieces together at the crotch seam. Pin or clip front and back piece right sides together paying careful attention to how the ruffles are laying at the seam. Sew the side seams. Sew the crotch seam. When turned inside right the side seam should look like this. 

Step 9:
Finish the hems and elastic/yoga band per pattern instructions. 

And you are all set! 

(written by: Kendel Walker)

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