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Summer Dress Hack You Will Love

Summer Dress Hack You Will Love

Want this look? I will help you achieve this look with a simple hack that will make your summer sewing quick and breezy. Who says quick sews can’t be trendy?! I wanted to make something the was functional yet trendy to my wardrobe. I am all for quick! While I may be required to dress business if the office, once I’m home, I want nothing more than to slip on something comfy. But with comfort, I also want style. Something I can wear around the house but also if need be on a whim, go out to the store/park and look “put together….” Said no mom ever. Lol


So I decided to do a different take on the Vacation Romper, found here. I love the versatility and the easy bias neckline. The Vacation Romper has to be one of the comfiest outfits I own. But I wanted to do something different to the romper, so I turned it into a dress.

Once you purchase the romper, you"ll see that it has very flattering lines at the hips. So I wanted to play on those lines. I know the Sweetie dress, found here, is only in children’s but I wanted the same dramatic drape at the bottom. So I extended the lines using the romper bottoms and rounded of the bottom.

Instead of having the harem bottom of the romper, I simply extended the line from the furthest point and rounded it out. I’d measure where you want your dress to hit and make sure to extended or shorten your line to fit your needs.


I was aiming for a more mini/summer dress and love it!  ​

This look took me all of 30 mins, the Vacation Romper is perfect for newbies. I will say the bias can be tricky, but with patience and pins you’ll have the perfect summer romper or dress.


The Vacation Romper includes:



Imperial and Metric Charts

Letter and A4 printing

Layered printing (print only the size you need to save on paper)

Easy Visual and Written instructions


The Vacation Romper is perfect for any level of sewing!

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Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo   Sofia

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Guest Blogger


Guest Blogger

Love this hack loads …im a bit nervous to try it thou yet. Although I do own the romper pattern and lots other knit ones, I’m yet to make a knit pattern! Very scared of my overlocker and neck bands bias etc as I’m pretty pants at doing bias in woven lol xxxxxx

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