How To Chevron - Tips and Tricks

How To Chevron - Tips and Tricks

I’m so excited to be writing my first post here in the Ellie and Mac blog!

Let me start off by introducing myself…

My name is Livia, I’m Brazilian and live in the Netherlands with my little Dutch tribe, aka husband, our 11yo twins and 3 tigers cats. I’ve started sewing almost 2 years ago and it was love at first stitch. I’m completely addicted to it and by now, my kids and I wear, practically, only made by me clothes. A HUGE chunk of our wardrobes is, of course, Ellie and Mac.

Ok, that’s enough about me… Let’s get down to business! ;)

Stripes are one of my favorite fabric patterns to use, and one of the things I love doing is cutting it on the bias and to create a chevron. It’s flattering to the figure and a nice change from the straight across (or up and down) look.

One of the trickiest things about the process is cutting the pattern pieces so the perfect align when assembling your project. Today I’m going to share with you how I tackle it.

For this step by step, I used the Every Day Tee but scaled it down so it would be easier to photograph.

1 - Extra Seam Allowance

Chevron Tutorial

In order to create the chevron, you need to have a seam running down the middle of your panel.
If the pattern you're using needs to be cut on the fold, you'll need to add an extra seam allowance because you'll be cutting 2 mirror images instead of one on the fold. Just cut a 1/4" strip and tape it to the "fold" side of the pattern piece.



2 - Choosing the angle



Chevron Tutorial Sewing Blog Post

Now is the time to choose how angled you want your chevron to be, I usually go for 45°, that's what's pictured here on the tutorial.
Please note that on these pictures I hadn't added the extra SA yet (I'm a dodo and messed up the photo order!).



Chevron Fabric Tutorial Sewing Blog For Ellie and Mac

3 - Placing and Cutting

Now for the fun part!

Chevron Tutorial Sewing Blog Post for Ellie and Mac

Align that mark you just made to one of the stripes on the fabric.
It's important to memorize what color stripe you're aligning it to, so it's consistent throughout the process.



Chevron Tutorial Sewing Blog

Check, check, triple check!!! Make sure that everything is aligned and straight.



Chevron Tutorial Sewing Blog Post for Ellie and Mac

Looking good? Trace it to the fabric!
No need to fuss with every single stripe. If you get that one perfectly aligned and make sure that your fabric is neat and straight under the pattern piece, it will work out beautifully!

Repeat for the mirror image, and other panels.



Chevron Tutorial Sewing Blog Post

I know it sounds a bit weird when I say make sure to align to the same color when there are only two colors on the fabric. But it's important to be consistent on what color is under the line and what color is above the line.



This is how it looks when they are all traced and ready to cut:



How to chevron sewing blog post

*Important note: You'll need more fabric for this than it’s stated on the pattern. *



4 - Assembling



Chevron Tutorial Blog Post

Place your panel pieces RST and pin in place making sure to match every single stripe.
Sew it together. You might want to go slowly, making sure the fabric doesn't move.



Chevron Tutorial

Now open it up and admire what your awesome pattern-matching superpower has created! :D



Chevron Tutorial

Repeat for the other panel and assemble accordingly to the pattern instructions, making sure those stripes match.



Chevron Tutorial Sewing Blog

side seams

Chevron Tutorial

The result is an awesome Chevron Every Day Tee.
As I mentioned before, this one is scaled down. And as my daughter doesn't play with dolls and my idea of putting this shirt on one of my cats goes against my will to keep living (they would NOT be amused lol), I have no modeled shots of this one.

This method can be used with pretty much any pattern you want.

Here's a Be Trendy Halter Top I made for my daughter:

Chevron Tutorial

How to chevron tips and tricks blog

So perfect for the Summer!
*Note that this fabric has more colors and in order to be able to stripe match it needs to be seen as a directional pattern. ;)

For myself, I made a Half Pipe Crop Top. The beauty of this one is that there's no need to add extra seam allowance since it's not cut on the fold.

Chevron Tutorial

How to chevron.  Tips and tricks blog.

That's it!
I hope I managed to be clear enough and was able to comprehensively share with you my process. :)

If you'd like to see more of my makes, I'd love for you to visit me at my blog: www.liviality.com! You can also find me on Instagram: @livia.jy ;)


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