Sugar n' Spice Poncho Hack: Adding a Curved Hem

Sugar n' Spice Poncho Hack: Adding a Curved Hem

Every season has its own charms. And yes, I love summer, but I like autumn just as much! The nature that colors so beautifully, the sun rays that pop up and most of all ... time for a whole new wardrobe! Yeah!

When I see all those new fabrics at the beginning of a new season my head starts spinning. So much beauty, so many nice patterns and so little time! 

A poncho was definitely on my to-do list, so I searched for a nice fabric for the Sugar n' Spice Poncho. This black Swafing Chalk Leaves knit from @Senza Limits matched the poncho perfectly in my head. 
I wanted a short, rounded poncho so I could wear it as a sweater as well. I shortened the poncho by 4". Normally you should always use the shorten /lengthen line, but because the poncho is straight all the way down, you can also just shorten or lengthen it at the bottom.

This is how I did it:  

I drew a line at 4" below the length/shorten line and then folded the whole piece down. Because the front and back are the same pattern part, I only had to do this once. 
To curve the poncho at the bottom I marked 2.5" on the side and then rcurved my hem to the 'on fold' line. Actually, it is only a slightly curved hem. Next time I definitely want a bigger difference.

The original pattern is buttoned at the side. You can make real buttonholes or just sew them on top. So Fake. Did you see what I did? I sewed the side without buttons. Maybe I'm still sewing buttons, but not for the time being. 

I like the poncho so much. Here I wear the Sugar n’ Spice Poncho with a black skirt and boots. I really like that cowl collar. And what do you think if I use a belt on it? Don't you think it's more like a sweater? 

This poncho will definitely keep me warm during cold days. Make sure you sew a warm buddy like this as well.

See you soon,


Written by: Ilse Lemmens)

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