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Clean the Clutter: Organizing a Neat and Tidy Work Space

Clean the Clutter: Organizing a Neat and Tidy Work Space

Clean the Clutter: Organizing a Neat and Tidy Work Space

Ever search for an essential sewing notion, wondering...Where did I lay that down at? A disorganized, disheveled sewing area can leave you feeling discombobulated. I have a few tips to get your space neat, and tidy for a serene sewing alcove.

Step 1: Organize your Flat Surfaces

   Invest in a pegboard. Peg boards are a great way to have all your essentials in arms reach, without cluttering up your flat surfaces. Measure the wall area to hang pegboard, pick your size at local hardware store, and grab a few pegboard clips,and baskets. Then, hang all your desired notions. Wallah, Presto! Surface area complete and organized.

 Sewing Room Organization Ideas Peg Board

Step 2: Folding Fabric, Neatly

 Let’s all admit that our fabric stash can be a bit of messy mayhem at times. Piles of fabric everywhere. We fold it, it falls...we fold again. Tearing through tubs looking for a coordinating color. This simple folding technique can get your space looking like Martha Stewart's craft room.

Sewing Room Organization Ideas Fabric storage

Get your layout ready...My personal stash is organized by fabric type first, and then by color and design. This is your space you organize to your taste. First, measure the space you are storing your fabric, and make a template out of cardboard.  Depth x width.

*note: The smaller quantities of fabric will be narrower in depth.  The larger quantities of fabric will get thicker with each roll, so they will be wider in depth.

Fold about ½” smaller than your template so you have wiggle room between stacks.

Do this until your entire stash is folded and neatly stored. Smaller pieces toss to the side.

See an awesome blog post with step-by-step pictures by clicking the picture below.

Sewing Room Organization Ideas Fabric Folding

Step 3: Scraping done right

 Smaller scraps can be used for a multitude of items, childrens size clothes, pockets, baby bummies, key fobs, doll clothes etc,..You can organize these in tall glass canister.

The scrap pieces 2x2, and smaller are what I'm talking about. Did you know you can re-purpose those scraps to do a world of good? You can stuff a pillowcase full of tiny scraps to make a pet bed or pillow. Contact your local homeless shelter and/or animal shelter. Sure..a trashcan is easy, but when you can take the little, and make it much...why not be the good in the world? The world sure could use more of that.

Fabric Scrap Organization ideas

For more great ideas on fabric scrap storage ideas click here. 


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