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Have you had a chance to gear up for the cool weather? Well if not Ellie N’ Mac Designs has you covered. With their trendy and straight forwards designs, Ellie N’ Mac has great designs that are perfect for the cool weather.

I had the opportunity to sew up the Sugar and Spice Poncho. The Sugar and Spice Poncho is in both Girls & Women some of its features:

Girls and Women’s Sugar & Spice Poncho:

Perfect for confident beginners

  • Girl’s Sizes 2T-12 years
  • Women’s Sizes XXS-4XL
  • Side button closure
  • Cowl or Turtle neck options
  • Fabric recommendations
  • How to measure guide
  • Size chart
  • Glossary
  • Supply list
  • Layered Printing (meaning, only print the size you need to save on paper.)
  • Trimless Pages (meaning simply overlap and tape! Making it so much more user friendly)
  • US Letter A4 printing capability
  • Pattern Piece Diagram
  • Easy to follow Visual and Written instructions
  • Imperial and Metric measuring

I know some have questioned whether or not Ellie N’ Mac feature a seam allowance. I’m here to say yes they do! She has them listed in her instructions. I will, to a successful and easy sewing project, make sure to read through all of the instructions.

So lets delve! I opted for the Sugar N’ Spice Poncho because of versatility. I am a mom of 4 and my youngest is still in a 5 point harness seat. So I have to think of convenience and what is easiest to make our morning routine quick. While I still pack her jacket along with us, I use the Sugar N’ Spice Poncho as a quick way to keep my mini warm. I simply slip in on over her head and we trudge to the mom mobile. Once inside a simple flip of the fabric and its off her head to secure her in her car seat.

The poncho does have the option to do button closure, but its optional! The ponchos she wears to and from the van do no have button closures, as I need it to be an easy on and off. The one featured, I simply sewed the buttons to the poncho giving it the illusion of buttons

The Poncho really helps eliminate the 1. Put on Coat 2. Zip it up 3. Trudge to mom mobile 4. Unzip coat 5. Take off coat. While this may not be something you’d consider, it really helps our morning school routine a lot easier!

Sugar N’ Spice has 2 neckline options turtleneck and cowl. The one featured is cowl neck. I love the look the cowl gives. It is loose around the neck so it’s not constricted to the little ones neck.

So what else does Sugar N’ Spice have to offer?! Simple. It’s on trend and can be used with many types of stretch fabric. We have several made of Fleece for those cool mornings. But we also have some very trendy ponchos per Miss Diva’s request.

Sugar N’ Spice has to be one of the quickest sews. Depending on fabric you could simply leave the hemline unfinished, But that is totally up to you! If you do happen to purchase the Sugar N’ Spice Poncho,  The Ellie N’ Mac community and I would love to see what you create.

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Thank you so much for reading! Make sure to take a look at other featured bloggers and what patterns they used!

Peace, Love and Bedoo Bedoo - Sofia <3

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